By-law M-300

Number: M-300

Name: Respecting the Movement of Buildings

BY-LAW M-300

Being a by-law of the City of Dartmouth with respect to the movement of buildings.

The Council of the City of Dartmouth enacts as follows:

1. No structure shall be moved along a street or public place within the City of Dartmouth unless a permit has first been obtained therefor.

2. The application for a permit shall be submitted to the Building Inspector and shall:

(a) be accompanied by a plot plan showing the structure in its new location, the plot plan shall be drawn to scale and shall show the size of the lot and the size of the structure;

(b) state the type of structure to be moved;

(c) state the place from and the place to which it is proposed to remove the structure;

(d) state the proposed route over which the structure is to be moved;

(e) state the date on which the structure is to be moved and the estimated time that it will be upon public streets or property;

(f) state such additional information as may be required by the Building Inspector or the Traffic Authority, and

(g) be accompanied by letters from the public utilities affected stating that satisfactory arrangements have been made with the utility companies for the operation proposed.

3. The application shall be referred by the Building Inspector to the Traffic Authority. The Traffic Authority shall make a written report to the Building Inspector regarding the application.

4. The Building Inspector may refuse to issue the permit if:

(a) the structure to be moved is not structurally sound;

(b) moving the structure would create a traffic hazard, or

(c) the manner of moving would be dangerous to public safety.

5. Any repair or alteration to the structure or new construction involving the structure must comply with all relevant City or other regulations.

6. The fee for each permit issued pursuant to this by-law shall be $5.00 per $1,000.00 value of construction for the first $1,000.00 and $4.00 per $1,000.00 value of construction for each succeeding $1,000.00 of value of construction, as fixed by the Building Inspector, plus $250.00.

7. The permit is to be valid only for such time period as is set out in the permit and the permit may be granted subject to conditions specified therein by the Building Inspector.

8. Before the permit is issued, the applicant shall deposit with the Building Inspector a bond or other security in the amount of $3,000.00 to cover costs and damages which may be icurred as a result of the moving of the said structure and to ensure that any conditions specified in the permit are complied with.

9. Before all or part of the bond or security is released, the Building Inspector shall conduct an inspection to ensure that the conditions of the permit have been complied with.

10. If a structure for the removal of which a permit has been granted, remains upon a street for any time beyond the period specified in the permit, the owner or other person engaged in removing it shall be deemed to have removed it without a permit and be guilty of an offence against this by-law.

11. By-law C-614 is hereby repealed

Done and passed in Council this day of A.D. 19


City Clerk


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