By-law S-1100

Number: S-1100

Name: Respecting the Use of Snowmobiles

BY-LAW S-1100

Being a by-law of the City of Dartmouth in regard to the use of Snowmobiles.

The Council of the City of Dartmouth enacts as follows:

1. In this by-law a "snowmobile" means a self-propelled or motorized vehicle designed to be driven exclusively or chiefly on snow or ice or both.

2. No person shall drive or operate a snowmobile upon any lake, pond, school grounds, sidewalks or any City owned land except as provided by this by-law.

3. Snowmobiles may be operated in the area in North Dartmouth bounded by Lakeview Drive on the east, City owned property on the north, proposed Sackville Expressway on the west and the Circumferential Highway which lands are more specifically designated by the area outlined in black on the map of the City attached hereto as Schedule "A". (C-373)

4. By-law C-345 as amended is hereby repealed.

Done and Passed in Council this day of , A.D. 198


City Clerk


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