Ordinance 150

Number: 150

Name: Respecting A Scale of Fees for the City Market



BE IT ENACTED by the Mayor and City Council of the City of Halifax, under the authority of Section 354(m) of the Halifax City Charter, 1963, as follows:

1. This Ordinance shall be known as Ordinance No. 150 and may be cited as the "City Market Ordinance".

2. (1) The following shall be the fees charged for space in the Halifax City Market, and shall be payable by persons selling goods or produce there:

(i) for table, per year $165.00

The fees set out in (i) above shall be for the period July 1st to June 30th of the next year, and may be paid in quarterly installments in advance. An appropriate adjustment shall be made in the fee paid in respect of any quarter, equivalent to the portion of such quarter which has elapsed at the time of the making of an application for use of a table.

(ii) for table, per week $6.00

(iii) for table outside Market Building under canopy, per week $6.00

(2) Subject to the foregoing provisions respecting the payment of fees in quarterly installments, all fees payable under this Ordinance shall be payable in advance, and shall be payable to the Caretaker of the City Market Building, who is hereby appointed to receive the same on behalf of the City.

3. Any person desiring to use a refrigerated display counter, or a refrigerator, shall pay the cost of installing a suitable electric outlet for the same, and shall enter into an agreement approved by the Director of Engineering and Works for the payment of an appropriate fee, which shall include the cost of the electricity supplied for the operation of such refrigerator display counter or refrigerator, which fee shall be paid in advance to the Caretaker of the City Market Building, and shall be for such period as the Director shall from time to time determine.

4. Ordinance Number 44, "Respecting A Scale of Fees for the City Market" is hereby repealed.

Notice of Motion to Introduce: March 11, 1971
First Reading: March 25, 1971
Committee of the Whole Council: April 7, 1971
Second Reading: April 15, 1971
Approval of M.M.A.: May 13, 1971

No. 1
Section 2(1)(i); Section 2(1)(ii); Section 2(1)(iii);
Section 2(1)(iv); Section 2(1)(v); fees
Notice of Motion to Introduce: August 25, 1983
First Reading: September 15, 1983
Committee of the Whole Council: September 21, 1983
Second Reading: September 29, 1983
Approval of M.M.A.: October 21, 1983


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