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Halifax Transit

Halifax Transit transports more than 100,000 Haligonians daily. We have more than 300 buses and Access-A-Buses servicing over 60 routes and four passenger ferries servicing two routes on the Halifax Harbour.

Please visit our schedules page for the running times of our bus and ferry routes. If you need help planning your trip, visit Google Transit and it will plan your trip for you!

Celebrating Accessibility at Halifax Transit

Halifax Transit now has a fully accessible fleet, complete with bike racks.

Low Income Transit Pass

Do you qualify for 50% off a monthly transit pass? Check out the information about the permanent program.

Ferry Naming Contest Results

Thank you for your vote! Residents have chosen the names Vincent Coleman and Rita Joe for the next two replacement ferries.

Service Adjustments to Route 370 Porters Lake

As part of the Moving Forward Together Plan, Transit has made adjustments to the Route 370 to better serve the needs of riders.

Scheduled Service Disruptions

Transit information on detours due to construction or special events.

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