Bus Operator Recruitment

Put yourself in the driver's seat. 

Do you enjoy interacting with the public, work that’s always changing, and making a difference? Are you looking for meaningful work with full-time hours, pension and benefits? Consider becoming an operator with Halifax Transit.


Successful candidates will be placed in a Resource Bank and hired from that bank as required.

Have questions about becoming an operator? Read our Common Questions

Reference Materials

Bus Operator Rates of Pay - this document explains the graduated wage steps for conventional and Access-A-Bus operators (from ATU Local 508 Collective Agreement).

Common questions about becoming an operator - these questions and answers will help you learn more about becoming an operator

Operator hiring guide - this guide takes you through the requirements of the job and the application and hiring process

Halifax Transit quick facts - this document contains useful information about Halifax Transit.

Job quiz - this document will help you determine if a position as a bus operator is right for you.

Questions about working for Halifax Transit?

For questions regarding the recruiting process at Halifax Transit, please contact transitjobs@halifax.ca

Please note: To apply for any position with Halifax Transit, please visit the Work for the Halifax Regional Municipality page.

Halifax Transit 101

Halifax Transit has more than 600 operators driving hundreds of buses on dozens of routes every day. Have you ever wondered what happens if a bus makes a wrong turn? Do you know how many buses are on the roads at any given time? Do you think our operators drive the same bus every day?

Former Halifax Transit bus operator, now Trainer, Crystal Rudolph, answers these questions and more in our video series Halifax Transit 101: Ask An Operator.

Halifax Transit 101: Ask An Operator Part 1
Halifax Transit 101: Ask An Operator Part 2