Experienced Officer Recruitment

How do I apply for the experienced police officer recruitment

Submit your resume and cover letter online. You’ll need to visit the municipality’s online job site and create an account. After creating an account, enter "police" in the Search box "key word" field. Scroll through the list of results to find the experienced police officer posting

Copies of the following documents are required:

  • birth certificate
  • driver's license
  • certificate from a recognized police training program

Minimum requirements to be a police officer in Halifax 

You must meet the definition of an experienced police officer as outlined by Halifax Regional Police policy and Nova Scotia Department of Justice guidelines. That means you must fall into one of the following four categories: 

  • a police officer currently serving with a Canadian police service
  • a Canadian military police officer (regular service) with qualifications Level 5
  • an applicant who successfully completed an approved police recruiting training program from a recognized training institution within the last 24 months
  • an applicant who successfully completed an approved police recruiting training program from a recognized training institution and have been employed with a recognized Canadian police agency within the last 24 months

You must also meet the following minimum requirements:

  • 19 years of age by application deadline
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Grade 12 education 
  • no criminal convictions for which a pardon has not been granted and no adult criminal charges pending
  • valid Class 5 Nova Scotia driver’s license or equivalent from another Canadian province

What happens after I apply?

You’ll participate in a multi-stage job competition. Remember to keep in mind the competitive nature of the process and strive to excel at each stage.

  1. Screening 

    All applications will be reviewed. You’ll advance to the second stage of the process if your application demonstrates that you meet the application criteria.

  2. Cognitive ability test

    Candidates will have a pre-determined time frame to complete a cognitive ability test. There are many resources online and in print to help prepare for the cognitive ability test. 
  3. Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (PARE) 

    You must complete the PARE within four minutes—the minimum standard for experienced police officers. It’s important to complete the PARE as quickly as possible, as not all candidates who meet minimum standard will proceed to the next stage.  
  4. Pre-employment polygraph booklet

    You’ll be given a pre-employment polygraph booklet [PDF] to complete and return to Human Resources. Human Resources will review your booklet and decide if you are suitable for the position. 
  5. Suitability assessment 

    Candidates will be reviewed in the suitability assessment. 
  6. Interview

    You’ll participate in a competency-based panel interview. The interview is designed to allow you to draw on examples from your work or life experience to demonstrate that you possess the necessary competencies to be a Halifax Regional Police Officer. 

    The key competencies are: 
    - adaptability
    - ethical accountability and responsibility
    - valuing diversity
    - organizational awareness
    - problem solving
    - risk management
    - stress tolerance
    - interactive communication and teamwork 
    - written skills
  7. Pre-employment polygraph examination

    You'll be given an appointment for a pre-employment polygraph examination. The polygraph examination is conducted by a Halifax Regional Police officer trained and certified in the use of the polygraph instrument. The results of the polygraph are confidential and are only released to Human Resources. You must pass the polygraph examination to be hired.

Additional steps

Medical exam 

If you are successful through the previous six stages, you must undergo a medical exam to determine if you meet the medical standards set by Halifax Regional Police and the Province of Nova Scotia. The medical exam will include a vision and a hearing test. 
Vision standards for Halifax Regional Police officers:

  • Uncorrected vision: must not be less than 6/18 (20/60) in each eye OR 6/12 (20/40) in one eye and at least 6/30 (20/100) in the other.
  • Corrected vision: must be correctable to 6/6 (20/20) in one eye and 6/9 (20/30) in the other.
  • Colour vision: any standardized pseudo-isochromatic plates (Ishihara, A-O, HRR, Dvorine) can be used. Testing is to be done without the candidate using any colour correcting aids, such as coloured contact lenses. If candidates correctly identify all patterns presented in such tests, their colour-vision will be considered normal and will meet the standards.
  • Visual Fields: vision of 140 degrees in each eye in the horizontal plane and the absence of scotoma (Normal/Abnormal).
  • Laser Surgery: candidate has not had corrective surgery for a full three months prior to the examination. PRK and Laser corrective surgery is acceptable.

Background and reference checks

You’ll be thoroughly investigated to determine your suitability to be a police officer. Your references and previous employers may be contacted, and family and friends may be contacted and/or visited during this stage.

Psychological testing

You must undergo psychological testing to determine your suitability be a police officer.