Halifax Regional Police Cadet Recruitment

Join Our Team!

Join Our Team! 

Become a police officer with Halifax Regional Police. 

The application process is now closed for Halifax Regional Police's 2023 cadet class program. 

The HRP's Police Science Program prepares cadets to become police officers with Halifax Regional Police. Cadets who successfully complete the program may be offered employment with HRP as either full-time police officers or reserve officers, depending on availability at the time of hiring.

Who should apply?

If you’re compassionate, community-minded, service-oriented and willing to contribute every day to the well-being of people in our communities, we hope you apply. 

Halifax Regional Police is committed to being reflective of the diverse communities we serve. As a group, Halifax Regional Police includes officers from the community and aims to be diverse in sexual orientations, gender, gender identity and expression, races, experiences, beliefs, ages, and faiths. This is how we can best contribute to all people’s well-being and safety. We are recruiting people who reflect and appreciate diversity.

COVID-19 measures for job applicants

Halifax Regional Municipality maintains an ongoing commitment to take important steps in reducing the spread of COVID-19, as the health and safety of our citizens and employees is our top priority.

The following measures have been implemented to protect you and prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • Interviews, testing, and in-person recruitment activities are being conducted in adherence with current COVID-19 Public Health protocols. 
  • Applicants must follow all Nova Scotia Public Health guidelines prior to attending any in-person recruitment activities. If you experience COVID-19-like symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19, please use the self-serve tools available to determine if you need a COVID-19 test.

Failure to comply with these protocols may result in being removed from the competition.  For more information, please email us at hrprecruiting@halifax.ca  or visit:  https://www.halifax.ca/fire-police/fire/emergency-management/corona-virus-disease-covid-19

How do I apply?

See Applicant Requirements and Application & Selection Process below for specific details. Please read all the information carefully and thoroughly.

Application deadline

The application deadline is now closed. 


Prospective applicants who meet our minimum requirements and have questions, either prior to application or while completing their application, are invited to contact the Halifax Regional Police Recruiting Team by email at hrprecruiting@halifax.ca or on Twitter (@JoinHRP) and Instagram (@JoinHRP).

Applicant requirements

We're seeking future team members who put others first and who exemplify respect, who display integrity and want to make a difference in their communities.

You must also:

  • Be at least 19 years of age.
  • Be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Have completed grade 12 with academic courses in English and math, or a General Educational Development (GED) with a minimum of two years’ life experience, including employment, education, training or other productive organizational experience that demonstrates a significant contribution to society.
  • Have no criminal convictions for which a pardon has not been granted and have no criminal charges pending before the courts.
  • Possess a valid Class 5 Nova Scotia driver's license or equivalent with no restrictions.

Note: Any necessary travel related to the recruitment process will need to be arranged by the applicants themselves. Applicants will be responsible for incurring the associated travel costs.

Don’t allow myths and stereotypes to hold you back from applying. Consider becoming a police officer. Join Our Team!

Application and selection process

The Halifax Regional Police application and selection process involves 12 stages. The recruitment standards are high and the selection process is challenging, but fair and achievable. Applicants must be successful in each stage before they can proceed to the next stage of the competition; not all applicants will proceed through all 12 stages. 

Stage 1 - Apply

Your application must include:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Birth certificate (copy)
  • Driver’s license (copy)
  • Academic grade 12/GED transcript or post-secondary transcript (copy)

Stage 2 – Screening

A selection committee will review all information submitted by the applicant and determine if the applicant meets the minimum requirements to proceed to the next stage of the selection process. Candidates will be notified in writing.

Stage 3 – Aptitude test 

Candidates will have a pre-determined time frame to complete an aptitude test. There are many resources online and in print to help prepare for the test. 

Stage 4 – Physical ability requirement evaluation (PARE)

The PARE is a standardized occupational test used to measure an applicant’s ability to perform the physical demands of police work. The test is used in the selection process of Halifax Regional Police applicants and as part of the completion criteria for cadets in the HRP Police Science Program. Applicants must complete the PARE obstacle course and the pushing and pulling task in 4 minutes, 45 seconds (4:45) to be eligible to progress to the next stage of the selection process. To adequately prepare to take the PARE test, HRP encourages all applicants to take part in some type of training program and to strive for an average, to above average, level of fitness prior to attempting the test. You can access hundreds of programs through the internet and local fitness trainers in your area. You can also visit https://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/prepare-for-pare for more information and a video demonstration.

Stage 5 – Suitability assessment

Candidates will be reviewed in the suitability assessment. This assessment aims to assess how specific abilities of a candidate will relate to the requirements of the role of a police officer.

Stage 6 – Security clearance questionnaire 

Candidates will be issued a security clearance questionnaire to complete and return to Human Resources. This document will be reviewed by Human Resources to determine suitability to advance to next steps in process.

Stage 7 – Competency interview

Candidates will participate in a competency-based panel interview for which candidates will be provided materials to prepare. The interview is designed to allow candidates to draw on examples from their work or life experience to demonstrate that they possess the necessary competencies to be a member of Halifax Regional Police. The Halifax Regional Police key competencies are: adaptability, ethical accountability and responsibility, interactive communication, organizational awareness, problem solving, risk management, stress tolerance, teamwork and written skills.

Stage 8 – Security clearance interview 

The security clearance interview is conducted by a specialized unit. The assigned officer reviews in significant detail the questions and responses provided in your security clearance questionnaire to determine suitability to advance to next steps in the process

Stage 9 – Medical exam

Candidates must undergo a medical exam to determine if they meet the medical standards set by Halifax Regional Police and Province of Nova Scotia. This stage will determine any challenges, which may interfere with the candidate’s ability to meet the occupational requirements of an officer with Halifax Regional Police. The medical assessment consists of a physical examination, urine test, blood work, a chest x-ray and an EKG. In addition, hearing and vision tests will be completed and will formulate part of the overall medical assessment. 

Stage 10 – Background investigation

Candidates will be further investigated to determine their suitability to be a police officer. Candidates' family and friends may be contacted and/or visited during this stage. Results of Halifax Regional Police background investigations will not be released and remain the sole property of Halifax Regional Police. 

Stage 11 – Psychological testing

Candidates must undergo psychological testing to determine their suitability to be a police officer. Candidates who advance to this stage will be provided with an appointment by Halifax Regional Police Human Resources to meet with their designated psychologist. The result of the psychological testing will be made available to Human Resources and formulate part of their holistic review of a candidate. 

Stage 12 – Police Science Program

Successful applicants will be enrolled in the 2023 HRP Police Science Program. Candidates who successfully complete the Police Science Program may be offered employment with Halifax Regional Police as either a full-time police officer or a reserve officer, depending on availability at the time of hiring.

Halifax Regional Police cadet training - Police Science Program

Applicants who successfully progress through the application process will complete a 38-week practical training program through Halifax Regional Police: HRP Police Science Program. The tuition for the program is $10,000. Funding is available through the Nova Scotia Student Assistance Office for qualified candidates as the Halifax Regional Police Training School is now a recognized private career college. We’re pleased to be able to offer this option to successful candidates and believe that this will allow more people the opportunity to apply for a career in policing. 

Salary and benefits

Halifax Regional Police offers salaries that are competitive with mid to large size municipal police services in the country. They are on a graduated scale, based on years of service. The annual constable base salary ranges from $64,677.43 - $107,795.71 (as of April 1, 2022). 

Halifax Regional Police through the Halifax Regional Police Association provides a great benefits package to employees and their families. Paid vacation, medical and dental insurance, life insurance, professional development opportunities and employee assistance programs are just a sample of what we offer to improve quality of life and well-being for our employees.

Frequently asked questions

Q. When do applications open and what is the deadline to apply?

A. The application process opens on May 1, 2022. The deadline to apply is June 21, 2022 but applying sooner gives you more aptitude and physical ability requirement evaluation (PARE) test date options.

Q. Does having a degree or certificate program advance me further in the recruitment process?

A. We consider having a degree or a certificate to be an additional asset. Although the knowledge and skills acquired through obtaining a degree or a certificate may help you in particular stages of the competition, in and of itself it isn't a determining factor in advancing you through the process.

Q. How soon after I submit my application will I be notified to write the cognitive ability test?

A. We will be reviewing applications on a biweekly basis. If you've been selected to proceed to the testing phase, we'll contact you to let you know when we'll be conducting testing. 

Q. Can I work or attend school during the Police Science Program?

A. The HRP Police Science Program is a full-time training program with varied hours. While it is possible for cadets to maintain part-time employment while enrolled in the Police Science Program, we recommend against this.

Q. Will I have a job when I am done my training?

A. After you have successfully completed the Police Science Program, which includes a field training assessment, you may be offered employment with HRP as either a full-time police officer or a reserve officer, depending on availability at the time of hiring.

Q. Is there a cost to apply? 

A. There is no application fee. There is however a tuition fee of $10,000 for the HRP Police Science Program. Halifax Regional Police Training School is a recognized career college and therefore financial assistance is available to qualified candidates through the Nova Scotia Student Assistance Office.

Q. Where will the training be held?

A. The HRP Police Science Program will be held in Dartmouth. If you live outside of the Halifax Regional Municipality and would be moving to attend the program, please contact hrprecruiting@halifax.ca for housing resources.

Q. How long is the HRP Police Science Program?

A. The HRP Police Science Program is a 38-week, full-time training program that will be held in 2022/2023 in Dartmouth. The training program prepares cadets for employment with Halifax Regional Police.

Q. Will the HRP Police Science Program prepare me for employment with any other police service?

A. The HRP Police Science Program prepares cadets for employment with Halifax Regional Police. The training program is recognized by the Province of Nova Scotia. To check whether or not it is recognized in other provinces by other agencies across Canada, you would have to check with individual police services and jurisdictions.

Q. What are the vision standards?

Vision standards for Halifax Regional Police officers:

  • Uncorrected vision: must not be less than 6/18 (20/60) in each eye OR 6/12 (20/40) in one eye and at least 6/30 (20/100) in the other.
  • Corrected vision: must be correctable to 6/6 (20/20) in one eye and 6/9 (20/30) in the other.
  • Colour vision: any standardized pseudo-isochromatic plates (Ishihara, A-O, HRR, Dvorine) can be used. Testing is to be done without the candidate using any colour correcting aids, such as coloured contact lenses. If candidates correctly identify all patterns presented in such tests, their colour-vision will be considered normal and will meet the standards.
  • Visual Fields: vision of 140 degrees in each eye in the horizontal plane and the absence of scotoma (Normal/Abnormal).
  • Laser Surgery: candidate has not had corrective surgery for a full three months prior to the examination. PRK and Laser corrective surgery is acceptable.