Halifax Transit's Mobile Fare Payment App

HFXGO is a free mobile fare payment app for Android and iOS devices that allows you to purchase Halifax Transit tickets and passes directly from your smartphone or mobile device. It’s fast and easy. Simply download the app and purchase your fares any time, anywhere! 

To use the app, users simply need to purchase their desired ticket or pass, activate the ticket, and show it to the Operator or ferry security staff prior to boarding. 

HFXGO accepts purchases using Visa Credit/Visa Debit and Mastercard Credit/Mastercard Debit cards. Passengers can still purchase paper tickets and passes at a retail partner, or use cash fare. 

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How to use HFXGO

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Common Questions

HFXGO is a secure, easy to use mobile fare payment app that allows Halifax Transit customers to purchase tickets and passes directly from their smartphones, or via the web portal.

Provided by Masabi mobile ticketing and fare payment solutions, HFXGO is built on Masabi’s JustRide app, which has been implemented in over 75 transit agencies worldwide. 

HFXGO is available on the majority of iOS or Android devices installed with the current or previous major version operating system. Older versions of software may not be supported.

The app is free to download and is available on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

After downloading HFXGO, you can either create an account, or continue as a guest to purchase tickets and passes. You will need to provide a valid email address to enable a receipt to be emailed to you for the purchase of your fare product. 

Getting started on HFXGO is easy:  

  1. Download the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  2. You can choose to create an account to store your payment information, or simply make a one-time purchase.  
  3. Select "Buy Tickets and Passes"
  4. Choose the ticket type and quantity you wish to buy. 
  5. Enter your Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card payment information, and confirm your transaction.  
  6. Purchases will be electronically delivered to the app's Ticket Wallet, and a receipt will automatically be sent to your email address. 

Using the HFXGO Web Portal, you can sign up for a new account, purchase and manage mobile tickets, add funds to stored value and manage your account. After downloading the HFXGO app and creating an account, visit hfxgo.justride.tickets.

  1. Sign in using your email address and password used for the app.
  2. Select “Buy Tickets and Passes.”
  3. Choose the ticket type and quantity.
  4. Review the ticket regulations and click “Accept and Continue.”
  5. Use your stored value account balance OR add a new payment method and pay.
  6. In the HFXGO app, refresh the Ticket Wallet and your ticket or pass will appear.
  7. A receipt will automatically be sent to your email address.

Yes, refunds can be requested within 15 minutes of purchase if the ticket or pass is not activated.

  1. Tap “Ticket Wallet”. 
  2. Select the ticket or pass for which you would like a refund.
  3. Tap “Actions” in the bottom left corner.
  4. Tap “Refund Ticket”.
  5. Read the conditions and tap “Refund” with the amount of the ticket.
  6. Tap “Done”.
  7. The ticket amount will be reimbursed to your stored valued account or your debit or credit card. 


  1. Tap “Ticket Wallet
  2. For current tickets, Tap “Tickets” on the left. For past tickets, tap “History” – the yellow button to the right of Tickets.
  3. Select the ticket for which you would like a receipt.
  4. Tap “Actions” in the bottom left corner. 
  5. Tap “Request ticket receipt”.
  6. A message confirms that a receipt was re-sent to your email address associated with your account. 

HFXGO is free to download and use. The fare products available are priced the same as those purchased from our Halifax Transit retail partners, and there are no additional fees. 

When using the app, please be aware that carrier charges may apply for data usage. Halifax Transit is not responsible for any mobile carrier charges incurred as a result of purchasing tickets and passes or downloading the HFXGO app.

You must purchase your ticket or pass while connected to cell phone or Wi-Fi service before riding Halifax Transit. Once purchased, Internet service is not required to activate fare products and ride Halifax Transit.

Adult  Youth  Senior 
Adult  Youth  Senior 
One Ride  $2.75  $2  $2 
One Ride Regional Express   $4.25  $3  $3 
Regional Express Top Up  $1.50  $1  $1 
10 Ride  $24.75  $18  $18 
NEW: 20 Ride  $44  $32  $32 
NEW: Day Pass  $7  $5  $5 
NEW: Two Day Pass  $12  $9  $9 
NEW: 7 Day Pass  $23  $17  $17 
Monthly Pass $82.50  $60  $60 
Regional Express Monthly Pass  $127.50  $90  $90 

Monthly passes are available in the app from the 20th of the previous month until the 10th of the month the pass is valid for (e.g. a November pass will be available to purchase between October 20 and November 10).

Reminder: Children aged 0-12 ride all Halifax Transit services free of charge

Discounted fare programs such as EPass, UPass, Affordable Access Transit Pass, Department of Community Services Pass, will not be offered through the HFXGO app, but some may become available in the future.

You MUST activate your ticket or pass just prior to boarding a Halifax Transit vehicle or vessel.  

To activate your ticket or pass, locate your purchases in your "Ticket Wallet" on the main screen of the HFXGO app. 
Select the ticket or pass you wish to use and tap the "Activate Ticket" button. A screen will pop up, letting you know your ticket details. Tap "Activate Ticket" and your activated ticket will appear on your screen.

Please be ready to show your activated pass or ticket to the Operator or ferry security staff when boarding.

Once activated, your ticket is valid for travel on bus or ferry for up to 150 minutes (2.5 hours). Once a ticket is activated, it cannot be undone. A valid ticket on HFXGO displays a QR code and a moving ticket. Show your smartphone screen displaying the activated ticket to the bus Operator or ferry security staff.

Yes, you can activate multiple tickets at once; for example, if two individuals are travelling together, you will need to activate two tickets, or if you are an occasional rider of a Regional Express Route (320, 330, 370) and need to activate both a single ticket and a Regional Express Top Up ticket.

If you have activated multiple tickets, be sure to tap the arrows at the bottom of the screen and show the Operator all of the active tickets when boarding the bus or ferry. 

Paper transfers are not required with fares purchased through HFXGO. Once activated, you can use the same mobile ticket or pass to transfer to another bus or ferry route. Tickets are valid for 150 minutes (2.5 hours) from activation.  

1 Day Passes are valid for unlimited travel for 24 hours after activation. 2 Day Passes are valid for unlimited travel for 48 hours after activation. 7 Day Passes are valid for unlimited travel for 168 hours after activation.  Monthly passes are valid for unlimited travel for one calendar month.

Monthly passes are valid for unlimited travel for one calendar month (e.g., November 1 through 30).

A monthly pass can be purchased from the 20th of the previous calendar month until the 10th of the month that the pass is valid for (e.g., a November pass can be purchased any time from October 20 to November 10). After the 10th, the month’s pass will no longer be available for purchase.

A monthly pass must be activated before riding on Halifax Transit and can be activated on or any time after the 1st of the month it’s valid for (e.g. you can activate a November pass any time from November 1 to November 30).

Monthly passes are only valid for the month purchased.

Tickets and passes expire 365 days from the date of purchase. Tickets that are unused after 365 days will appear as EXPIRED and will no longer be accepted for travel nor will they be valid for refund.

You can check how long until your ticket or pass expires by tapping “Ticket Wallet” and selecting an INACTIVE ticket or pass. Tap the “Details” button at the bottom right of the ticket screen. On the next screen, it will show the expiration time at the top of the screen, “Valid until.”

The Justride platform requires that all fare products include an expiration date; however, as physical Halifax Transit tickets do not, customers with expired digital tickets can contact 311 after tickets expire to obtain replacement tickets.

No, tickets cannot be deactivated. Only activate your ticket when you are about to board your bus or ferry.

Yes, Halifax Transit will continue to accept cash and physical tickets and passes, as well as fare products available via HFXGO.  

To find a participating Halifax Transit retailer, click here

You are responsible for having a working mobile phone prior to boarding and through the duration of your trip. If your mobile phone is inoperable, it is expected that you would use some other payment method for your trip. 

If you lose your phone or purchase a new one, you can transfer any valid, unused tickets to a new phone. To do so, download the app on your new phone and login to your account. Your unused tickets will be displayed. Please note that tickets on your old device will become invalid.

HFXGO users are allowed three device switches over a six-month period. Contact 311 if you require an additional device switch. 

You can purchase tickets and passes using Visa Credit/Visa Debit and Mastercard Credit/Mastercard Debit cards.

It is hoped this functionality will be added in the near future.

You have the option to store your Mastercard or Visa credit card details for future transactions. The CVV (three-digit number on the back of your card) will need to be entered for each purchase.

Yes, for 14 days. After 14 days of inactivity, you’ll need to log into your app account to use HFXGO. This helps protect against unauthorized use of your account.

  1. Open the HFXGO app.
  2. Tap “Login”.
  3. Click the “Forgot my password” link on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Enter your email address associated with your HFXGO account.
  5. A password reset email will be sent your email address.
  6. Tap “Reset Password” in the email.
  7. Enter a new password twice and tap “Submit”.

Yes. During Phase Two of Halifax Transit’s Electronic Fare Management Strategy, onboard JustRide Validators (JRVs) will be installed on every bus and at each ferry terminal. This work is already underway and is expected to be complete by Spring 2024.

Once installed, the JRVs will be used to scan passengers’ HFXGO apps, and passengers will no longer be required to show their active tickets in the app to bus Operator or ferry security staff.

More information about the JRVs and fare validation will be available in the coming months.

Yes. Phases Three and Four of Halifax Transit’s Electronic Fare Management Strategy will see the introduction of plastic reloadable smart cards, and open payment using debit/credit tap to pay prior to boarding. Scope and timing for these phases are still to be determined. 

Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) is committed to protecting your privacy. HRM’s mobile/electronic ticketing app (the “App”) is provided to you by Halifax Transit, a business unit of HRM with mobile/electronic ticket sales provided by Masabi LLC (“Masabi”).

The App and its features have been designed by Masabi and configured by HRM to ensure compliance with the Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy provisions of Part XX of the Municipal Government Act. Masabi stores the information you provide to its servers in Canada but during the data processing or maintenance, your data may be accessible outside Canada. Masabi is required to protect your personal information in a manner consistent with HRM’s legislative obligations.

Personal information, including contact information, payment information, and usage information will be collected by HRM and Masabi to administer the App.

The personal information will only be used for the purpose it was collected or a directly related purpose. Any additional use requires your consent. Unless authorized by law, the personal information will only be disclosed for the purpose it was collected or a directly related purpose.

If you have any questions about the collection, use and disclosure of this information, please contact the Access & Privacy Office at 902-943-2148 or privacy@halifax.ca.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully.

HFXGO supports VoiceOver and other accessibility functions such as Zoom, Magnifier and Speak Screen.

Please contact 311 or visit a Customer Contact Centre.