Access-A-Bus is a shared ride, door-to-door, transit service for persons who are unable to use the conventional transit system due to physical or cognitive disabilities. Access-A-Bus is available to provide transportation to medical appointments and to allow you to participate in social, personal, and recreational activities.

Access-A-Bus User Guide [PDF]

Who Can Use Access-A-Bus?

You may qualify for the Access-A-Bus service if you:

  • require use of wheelchair or scooter
  • are unable to step up or down a 35cm step unassisted
  • are unable to walk 175 metres outside unassisted
  • have 20/200 vision or less (legally blind)
  • are unable to utilize conventional transit due to cognitive or physical disabilities

Some people may have disabilities that call for Access-A-Bus service for all trips, while others may only need the service when traveling alone, in the winter, or for specific trips.

Your level of eligibility will be based on your needs. The possible levels of eligibility are:

  • permanent
  • temporary (3 month period only)
  • seasonal (winter time)
  • conditional (travelling alone, dialysis)

How to Register for Access-A-Bus

You must apply for Access-A-Bus before becoming a passenger on this service. To register, complete the Access-A-Bus application form.

The application form for Access-A-Bus has 3 parts:

  • Part A - Declaration: to be completed by the applicant or an agent of the applicant, if the applicant is unable to complete or understand the Declaration.
  • Part B - Access-A-Bus Application: to be completed by the applicant or an agent of the applicant, if the applicant is unable to complete the Application Form.
  • Part C - Professional Declaration: to be completed by the applicant’s Attending Professional Care Provider (Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist). 

Please complete the application form and return, via mail to:

Halifax Transit
Attn: Access-A-Bus Registration
200 Ilsley Avenue
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia  B3B 1V1

Questions or Concerns?

Contact Access-A-Bus at 902-490-6999 or email

How to Request Access-A-Bus Service

Call 902-490-6999 to request Access-A-Bus service.

You can book a trip 24 hours prior to the intended travel date, or anytime within a 7-day period if you have standing medical appointments and/or weekly errands. For regular appointments or errands, you need to book two trips—one to and one from the location.

You can book up to five trips per day and you will receive an immediate confirmation of the booking.

Assistive Mobility Devices (Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters)

Access-A-Bus allows wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Maximum size restrictions are:

  • Wheelchairs: 32" X 45"
  • Three-wheeled scooters: 40” X 21.125”
  • Four-wheeled scooters: 40.25” X 21.25"

All wheelchairs and mobility scooters will require four anchors or tie down points to secure the device on the bus.

Access-A-Bus Continuous Service Plan

The Halifax Transit Access-A-Bus Continuous Improvement Service Plan has been developed to set the strategic framework and define the specific activities to be undertaken by Halifax Transit in order to ensure ongoing improvements to Access-A-Bus service.

Halifax Transit - Access-A-Bus Continuous Improvement Service Plan [PDF]