Service Alerts

About service alerts

Service alerts notify consumers of Halifax Transit's GTFS real-time feed of current disruptions to Halifax Transit service.

When an event takes place that requires a change to the service provided by Halifax Transit (such as a motor vehicle accident, the implementation of a snow plan, planned construction, etc.) a detour is put in place within Halifax Transit's CAD/AVL (computer-aided dispatch/automated vehicle location) solution. The CAD/AVL solution then automatically inserts the detour information into the GTFS real-time feed allowing the new information to be consumed by any third-party applications that have integrated Halifax Transit's GTFS feed.

Example of a service alert

An example of a service alert.
An example of the details within a service alert.

If a third-party application consumes Halifax Transit's GTFS real-time feed and supports service alerts, any routes currently affected by a change to service should have an icon indicating an active service alert.

Selecting the service alert should provide the full details of the service alert. Information included may contain: the reason for the service disruptions, the stop where the detour begins, the stop where the detour ends, the stops affected by the detour, etc.


Setting up notifications for service alerts.
Setting up notifications for service alerts.

Some third-party applications can notify if service alerts affecting Halifax Transit service are posted. Enabling notifications for service alerts ensures that you will always have the most current, up-to-date information for planning your commute.


Please note: a list of third-party applications known to utilize Halifax Transit's GTFS feed can be found here.