UPass program

If you are a full-time university or community college student in Halifax, Halifax Transit's UPass Program is pretty sweet. As part of the enrollment fee paid to your educational institution, service on any of Halifax Transit's regular bus routes and ferry service are included. All you need to travel during the academic year is carry a valid Student ID card with you to show the Halifax Transit operator.

Find tips for a first time Halifax Transit user.

Conditions of use

UPasses are only valid from September to April (May for the nine-month program) during the academic year. While the student identification card may still be in effect, it can no longer be used on Halifax Transit buses and ferries.

UPass corresponds to the Halifax Transit MetroPass, which includes conventional, ferry, and Access-A-Bus transit services. An additional fare applies when traveling on Regional Express. 

Halifax Transit's UPass is valid at the following educational institutions:

What's So Great About UPass?

  • You will save money. Students using the UPass instead of buying monthly Student MetroPasses can save around $60 per month, which is almost $500 per school year.
  • It’s convenient. Halifax Transit has enhanced its service to Saint Mary's University, Dalhousie University, the University of King's College, Mount Saint Vincent University, and the Nova Scotia Community College to accommodate the increase in ridership since the introduction of the UPass. NSCAD is already centrally located in downtown Halifax, where students can take advantage of existing transit services.
  • Car owners save money too. The UPass can help you reduce your fuel, parking, insurance, and maintenance expenses. Plus, you can let someone else worry about the traffic.
  • It’s good for the environment. Choosing public transit instead of driving your own car reduces air pollution. One bus can help remove up to 50 cars from the road at any point in time, reducing air pollution by 15-20 per cent.

Access-A-Bus and UPass

University students with disabilities who use the Access-A-Bus are eligible to use the UPass, although they may choose to withdraw from the UPass program if they wish.

Students with a CNIB pass may also opt out of the UPass program. For more information, contact your student association.