Service Adjustments

Halifax Transit Service Changes 
Starting May 23, 2022

As our city changes, so do our public Transit needs. On May 23, 2022, Halifax Transit will introduce minor routing adjustments as part of the Moving Forward Together Plan (MFTP).

Three routes will be adjusted to travel on the Bayers Road Transit Priority Corridor which features new bus lanes to improve transit reliability and overall travel time. This project is a key component of Halifax Transit’s Moving Forward Together Plan and the Integrated Mobility Plan.


What is the Moving Forward Together Plan?

What is the Moving Forward Together Plan?

In 2016, Halifax Regional Council approved The Moving Forward Together Plan (MFTP) – Halifax Transit’s strategic route network redesign. Service changes based on the MFTP will improve our transit system to better meet the needs of residents of the Halifax region, now and in the future. These service changes are outlined in Halifax Transit's 2022/2023 Annual Service Plan, which was approved by Regional Council in April, 2022.

Understanding Route Numbers

Routes #1 to 11 are Corridor Routes

All-day service along major streets providing direct connections to terminals


Routes # 20 to 99 are Local Routes

All-day service connecting neighbourhoods and communities with Corridor Routes at terminals


Routes # 100 to 199 are Express Routes 

Peak time (a.m. and p.m. rush hour), limited-stop service connecting communities to the downtown core


Routes #300 to 399 are Regional Express Routes

Connect rural communities to the Regional Centre and other transit service


Routes # 400 to 499 are Rural Routes 

Service communities outside the Urban Transit Service Boundary to connect rural communities to transit service in urban areas


Route Changes

Route 1 Spring Garden

Route 194 West Bedford Express

Route 330 Tantallon - Sheldrake Lake 


Trip Planning Resources

See the Riders’ Guide to help you plan your route as of May 23.

Below, you'll see general route descriptions,  schedules, and individual route maps for each adjusted route. 

Explore new route options below! 

Picture of a bus


Provides service between Bridge Terminal (Dartmouth) and Mumford Terminal (Halifax),  7 days a week

Minor Adjustment

  • Route 1 will be removed from Roslyn Rd. and will now travel outbound on Bayers Rd. 
  • Bus stop Roslyn Rd. Before Connolly St. (2018) will no longer be serviced by this route.

Route 1 Schedule

Route 1 Map



Provides service between West Bedford Park & Ride (Bedford) and Downtown Halifax on weekdays during rush hour/peak periods only. 

Minor Adjustment

  • Route 194 will be adjusted to travel inbound and outbound on HWY 102 and Bayers Rd.
  • Two inbound stops on Kempt Rd. and one stop on Robie St. will no longer be serviced by Route 194: 
    • Kempt Rd After Lady Hammond Rd (7045)
    • Kempt Rd Before Young St (8635)
    • Robie St After Young St. (8192)

Route 194 Schedule

Route 194  Map



Provides service from Sheldrake Lake - Tantallon to Downtown Halifax on weekdays only.

Minor Adjustment

  • The route will be slightly adjusted to travel inbound and outbound on HWY 102 and Bayers Rd.
  • There are no changes to existing stops or the route schedule.

Route 330 Schedule

Route 330 Map