Service Adjustments

Service Changes starting November 21, 2022

 As part of the Moving Forward Together Plan (MFTP),  Halifax Transit’s strategic route network redesign, on November 21, 2022, Halifax Transit will implement new Local Route 50 Dockyard-Shipyard, replacing Route 11 Dockyard.

Route 50 Dockyard-Shipyard

  • New connection to Irving Shipyard: New Local Route 50 will follow similar routing and levels of service as the former Route 11 Dockyard, traveling from the Bridge Terminal in Dartmouth to the Dockyard in Halifax, but will extend to provide a new connection to Irving Shipyard.
  • More trips: Additional trips will be added to the schedule.
  • Peak Service: Route 50 Dockyard-Shipyard will only provide service on weekdays during rush hour/peak periods.

Why the change?

  • Extending service to the Irving Shipyard will provide a new option for customers travelling from the Bridge Terminal in Dartmouth to that area.
  • Adding more trips to the schedule will provide more service compared to the former Route 11.

Route 50 Dockyard-Shipyard Schedule

Route 50 Dockyard-Shipyard Individual Route Map

Route 50 Dockyard-Shipyard

Additional Schedule Changes

In addition, slight schedule changes will occur to the following routes:


Trip Planning Resources

A new Riders’ Guide will be available to help you plan your route as of November 21, 2022

What is the Moving Forward Together Plan?

What is the Moving Forward Together Plan?

In 2016, Halifax Regional Council approved The Moving Forward Together Plan (MFTP) – Halifax Transit’s strategic route network redesign. Service changes based on the MFTP will improve our transit system to better meet the needs of residents of the Halifax region, now and in the future. These service changes are outlined in Halifax Transit's 2022/2023 Annual Service Plan, which was approved by Regional Council in April 2022.

November MFTP Service Changes

Due to ongoing staffing shortages, Halifax Transit has postponed all MFTP service changes scheduled for November 2022, with one exception. 

The final phase of MFTP planned service changes involves two new corridor routes, several local routes, and a new express route servicing Bedford. Changes are also planned to routes servicing Burnside and Dartmouth Crossing to address growth in this area since the approval of the MFTP, adding bus service near IKEA and Kent. We regret having to postpone these changes, but in order to successfully implement the remaining MFTP service changes, we must postpone until they can be staffed accordingly.

In November 2022, Halifax Transit will implement new Local Route 50, which will replace Route 11 and provide service between Bridge Terminal and the Dockyard and Irving Shipyard in Halifax, during peak hours on weekdays only. We anticipate that this service change will be possible to implement without a net increase in staffing resources. 

We will be closely monitoring the staffing situation over the coming months with the goal of potentially implementing the remaining MFTP-related service changes in February 2023, based on staffing availability. Alternatively, the decision may be made to implement service changes in smaller increments. More information about possible service changes implementation will be shared in the coming months.

Understanding Route Numbers

Routes #1 to 11 are Corridor Routes

All-day service along major streets providing direct connections to terminals


Routes # 20 to 99 are Local Routes

All-day service connecting neighbourhoods and communities with Corridor Routes at terminals


Routes # 100 to 199 are Express Routes 

Peak time (a.m. and p.m. rush hour), limited-stop service connecting communities to the downtown core


Routes #300 to 399 are Regional Express Routes

Connect rural communities to the Regional Centre and other transit service


Routes # 400 to 499 are Rural Routes 

Service communities outside the Urban Transit Service Boundary to connect rural communities to transit service in urban areas.