Economic strategy

Halifax's Economic Growth Plan 2016–2021

Halifax is a truly international city where people learn, work, easily start and grow a business, capitalize on ideas and live within a diverse, vibrant, and sustainable community. It’s the economic engine for the entire region. But to meet its full potential, Halifax needs a plan—a road map for the years ahead that embraces the area’s challenges and opportunities.

Halifax needs to grow.

The municipal government know this, and knows that a prosperous future simply won’t be handed to us. Halifax’s Economic Growth Plan lays out a plan of action that will see people, businesses, and governments working together to achieve measurable results.

This Economic Growth Plan informs and shapes municipal decision-making and activities until 2021. It will guide the activities of the Halifax Partnership and other economic development agencies, and it will influence and align stakeholders to support Halifax’s economic growth. The success of this plan will depend on collaboration among individuals, businesses, and agencies.

Five-year strategic goals

Halifax’s Economic Growth Plan identifies four strategic goals that build upon the region’s competitive advantages to speed up population and economic growth over the next five years.

Promote and maximize growth

Grow Halifax's GDP to $22.5 billion by 2021. This focuses on making it easier to do business in Halifax and capitalizing on the best economic opportunities.

Attract and retain talent

Grow Halifax's labour force to 271,000 by 2021. This is aimed at holding on to immigrants, international students, and recent graduates, and making the best use of the available workforce.

Make Halifax a better place to live and work

Grow Halifax's population to 470,000 by 2021. This hones in on improving and showcasing quality of life, both for its own sake and to attract residents, workers, and businesses to the city.

Align economic development

Organize economic development actions. This ensures that the city’s and province’s economic development organizations, policies, and programs are in alignment and moving in the same direction toward shared economic goals for Halifax and Nova Scotia.

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