Case 24057 - Goodwood



Stephen Adams Consulting Services Inc., on behalf of CRM (Coastal Resources Masonry), is applying to amend the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law for Planning District 4 to allow for a light industrial development.


The applicant wishes to allow the development of light industrial use for construction storage and fabrication for construction companies including CRM (Coastal Resources Masonry), Schooner General Contracting, Schooner Excavation, Gilson’s General Contracting, and MLP, in Goodwood.  

The companies propose to use 120 acres of land to the south-west of the Gerald Mills Industrial Park in Goodwood. (see attached Map)


The application will be considered under the Municipal Planning Strategy Amendment and Development Agreement process.


Halifax Regional Council initiated a process to consider allowing future industrial development on these sites through the provisions of a development agreement.  The consultant had requested that industrial development be permitted through rezoning to an I-1 Zone.  Regional Council instructed staff to work with the applicant and the public to consider any future industrial development through the provisions of a development agreement. The municipality is awaiting a detailed proposal from the applicant to schedule a Public Information Meeting to obtain public feedback.  Council would have to approve the proposed changes to the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law for Planning District 4 after a public hearing before the municipality could enter into a development agreement to allow the proposed development.

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

The applicant has submitted the following rationale in support of this application:

Letter of Rationale

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