Case 24399 - Winslow Drive, Upper Tantallon



ZZap Consulting Inc. is applying for a development agreement to allow for a senior citizen housing development at 445 Winslow Drive, Upper Tantallon (PIDs 41277765 and 41277773).

The applicant had previously applied for a plan amendment and development agreement to allow for a strip-mall style commercial development over three properties including 445 Winslow Drive (Case 22547). Based on the public feedback received, the applicant has withdrawn that application and alternatively applied for a senior citizen housing development. 


The applicant wishes to construct a three storey, thirty-three (33) unit dwelling designed for senior citizens. The major aspects of the proposal are as follows:
•    One building, three storeys, thirty-three (33) units
•    Designed for senior citizens (specific standards included in development agreement) 
•    Driveway access from the northern side of the property, off Winslow Drive
•    Surface and underground parking
•    Outdoor community amenity space
•    The retention of the existing vegetation buffer abutting Hammonds Plains Road
•    Location is PIDs 41277765 and 41277773 which would require consolidation prior to approval of a development agreement

The Development Plans (provided below) outline the development proposal as submitted, and include information relating to the proposed building, parking locations, and driveway access. Included below is also a Traffic Impact Study (TIS). The TIS speaks to impacts from commercial uses, as the proposal was initially for a strip-mall style commercial development. The proposal has since changed to only include residential uses which HRM Development Engineering staff determined to be less intensive of a use, and therefore a second study was not required.


The application will be considered under the Development Agreement Approval Process.


This application is under review by municipal staff. The next step will be public engagement.

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

The applicant has submitted plans and studies required by municipal staff to properly evaluate the application. The relevant documents are linked below. 

A - Site Plan
B - Elevations
C - Traffic Impact Study

Contact Information

For further information, please contact:

Claire Tusz

Planner II

Development Services

Telephone: 902.430.0645

Mailing Address

HRM Planning and Development

Development Services

PO Box: 1749,


Nova Scotia,

B3J 3A5

Attention: Planning Processing Coordinator (Please identify the Case # and address)