MINORREV 2023-00199 (Former Case 24663) - Downtown Halifax Transition Sites



Halifax Regional Municipality proposes to repeal Downtown Halifax Plan Area and to consolidate all the remaining downtown lands into the Regional Centre Plan Area.


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In October 2021, those lands in Downtown Halifax with active site plan approval applications were decided to remain under the existing Downtown Halifax Plan Area, instead of being consolidated into the Regional Centre Plan Area, to give those applications more time to progress.

Since most of the subject sites have their site plans approved after 18 months, the Municipality seeks public opinions on consolidating the subject sites into the Regional Centre Plan Area, so that all lands in Downtown Halifax are under consistent regulations.

The status of development for the subjects are listed in the following list:
•    Jag Hotel (1872-1874 Brunswick Street): A full site plan approval was completed with the intention to build Jag Hotel. However, a building permit application has not been received to date.
•    Skye Halifax (1591 Granville Street): A building permit was issued after a full site plan approval in 2019, but the Municipality received a request to revise the site plan. The revision is at an early stage of review process and will be available for public consultation in the near future.
•    Mills Brothers (1470 Queen Street): A building permit was issued after a full site plan approval, and a building is currently under construction.

There are other sites still under Downtown Halifax Plan Area which are not mentioned in this webpage. All other remaining sites will be consolidated into the Regional Centre Plan Area under Case H00513 (Downtown Halifax Heritage Conservation District).


The application will be considered under the Municipal Planning Strategy amendment process.


Halifax Regional Council initiated this case on May 9, 2023. Staff are reaching out to all the landowners of the subject sites with direct mail. Public feedback is welcome by contacting the staff below.

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

Read the Council initiation report for more information.

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