PLANAPP 2023-00656 - 400 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville



Fathom Studio is applying to enter into a development agreement to allow a mixed-use development at 400 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville.


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The applicant wishes to build a mixed-use development made up of two buildings connected by an underground parking garage. The major aspects of the proposal are as follows:

  • One 8-storey building with 105 residential units and approx. 2084 square feet of ground floor commercial space;
  • One 12-storey building with 94 residential units and approx. 4510 square feet of ground floor commercial space;
  • 2-level underground parking podium connecting the two buildings above;
  • Shared open space on top of the underground parking garage for residents and visitors; and,
  • A walking trail to connect the development to Little Sackville River. 

The Development Plans (provided below) outline the development proposal in detail, and include information related to proposed buildings, amenity spaces, parking locations, driveway access, and landscaping.


The application will be considered under the Development Agreement Process.


The proposal is currently being reviewed in detail by staff and other agencies. Next steps will include working with the applicant to incorporate feedback received from the review and holding a public information meeting for the public to provide feedback and ask questions about the application with the applicant and planner in attendance.

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

The applicant has submitted plans and studies required by HRM staff to properly evaluate the application. The documents are also available for review at the Planning Applications office at 5251 Duke St, 3rd Floor, Suite 300, Duke Tower, Halifax.

Contact Information

For further information, please contact:

Dean MacDougall

Planner III

Current Planning

Telephone: 902.240.7085

Mailing Address

HRM Planning and Development

PO Box: 1749,

Nova Scotia,

B3J 3A5

Attention: Dean MacDougall