District 12 has a population of approximately 25,205 residents and includes the suburban communities of Timberlea, Lakeside, Beechville (known as the B.L.T. communities), as well as parts of Clayton Park and Wedgewood. Residential areas include a range of housing options from high density apartment living to mature, quiet neighborhoods and tree-lined streets bordering on wilderness areas.

The region was historically known for its thriving forest and lumbering industries. Until the early 1990s, the area was mostly a semi-rural community. Several large developments in the area, including Greenwood Heights, have substantially increased the population and is now mostly a suburban community.

The district has excellent recreational facilities and opportunities. The Canada Games Centre is a vibrant multi-sport community and recreation centre, and a premier fitness, aquatic, and recreational facility. The Centre runs sport and recreation programs, camps, fitness classes and many special events throughout the year.

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