District 7 is comprised of downtown Halifax – the cultural and economic hub of Atlantic Canada – as well as some of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, characterized by stately historic homes and mature, tree lined streets. Also the home of several post-secondary institutions, District 7 has a large student population, contributing greatly to the character and vibrancy of the area. The district has a population of approximately 24,500 residents.

Downtown Halifax is steeped in history and is a wonderful combination of old and new. Citadel Hill National Historic Site is a focal point of the downtown and very important part of Halifax’s history. In 1749, the hill, with its strategic hilltop location and view of the Halifax Harbour, was chosen by the British Military as the site of a Fort to protect the city. Originally a single guardhouse, it grew over the years to become a star-shaped fortress. Today, the Halifax Citadel endures as a reminder of Halifax’s military history, and is a popular destination for residents and visitors who enjoy panoramic views of the city and tours of the military fortress.

While certainly known for its rich history, downtown Halifax is also the modern-day economic heart of HRM, housing almost half of the office jobs in the municipality and generating almost 20% of commercial and residential property taxes paid in all of HRM.

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