District Boundary Review

A district boundary review is required in 2022; changes coming from this review will not come into effect until the 2024 Municipal Election. 

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) requires that all municipalities in Nova Scotia conduct a review of the number and boundaries of polling districts in the municipality on a regular basis. The final decision on municipal polling districts and boundaries is made by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB) and is binding on the municipality.  The most recent review was conducted in 2014 and the resulting district boundaries are currently in effect.

The 2022 District Boundary Review Study for the Halifax Regional Municipality is complete, and an application has been submitted to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board. To learn more about the Halifax Regional Municipality's 2022 District Boundary Review study and to view background information and reports please click here.

Participate and share your feedback

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB) public hearing originally scheduled for May 31, 2023 to review the municipality's 2022 District Boundary Review application (Matter No. M10924) has been rescheduled to the following:

Hearing starts: Thursday, September 7, 2023 - 9:30 AM

Evening Session: Thursday, September 7, 2023 - 6:30 PM (Registered Speakers List)

Hearing Location: Offices of the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board, 1601 Lower Water Street, 3rd Floor, Halifax, NS

The deadline for speakers to register at the original hearing was May 10, 2023, therefore there will not be an opportunity for additional speakers to register to speak at the rescheduled hearing.

Board Hearings are open to the public.

This hearing will be live broadcast on the Board’s website and can be accessed by visiting https://nsuarb.novascotia.ca/live-hearings and selecting the appropriate matter (Matter No. M10924).

A copy of the Application and any timetable for this matter may be viewed on the Board’s website at https://nsuarb.novascotia.ca/, by clicking on "Matters & Evidence”, “Go To Files & Documents”, and in the “Go Directly to Matter” search box, enter Matter No. M10924.

View the newly proposed District Boundary Maps as approved by Halifax Regional Council on December 13, 2022.

Proposed District 1 [PDF]                                    Proposed District 2 [PDF]
Proposed District 3 [PDF]                                   Proposed District 4 [PDF]
Proposed District 5 [PDF] (Revised Nov. 21)   Proposed District 6 [PDF] (Revised Nov. 21)
Proposed District 7 [PDF]                                   Proposed District 8 [PDF]
Proposed District 9 [PDF]                                   Proposed District 10 [PDF]
Proposed District 11 [PDF]                                  Proposed District 12 [PDF]    
Proposed District 13[PDF]                                  Proposed District 14 [PDF] (Revised Nov. 21)   
Proposed District 15 [PDF]                                 Proposed District 16 [PDF] (Revised Nov. 21)

To view the Current District Boundary maps, please click here.

Need a closer look at the Proposed Districts? This online map will allow you to view the current district boundaries and those that are being proposed (click on the CONTENT button in the upper left to see the layers and be able to turn them on/off.) 


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