Fire Safety Maintenance Inspection (FSMI) Program

Initiated in 2016, the Fire Safety Maintenance Inspection (FSMI) Program supports Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency’s commitment to a safe community through protection of life, property, and the environment. The FSMI program is designed to be used by both building owners and municipal staff to ensure a transparent, predictable, and consistent inspection process.

Close-up image of two Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency Station Officers conducting a Fire Safety Maintenance Inspection of a building while having a friendly conversation with a female property representative. One Officer is holding a portable fire extinguisher.

The FSMI Program covers multiple building types: Bar/Restaurant, Residential Multi-Unit, Business/Personal Service, and Mercantile. It is structured to begin with a user-friendly checklist followed by a detailed guide. The documents are fillable, savable, and contain bookmarks and links for quick navigations. Each of the building types have a modified document that contains information and checklist items that are tailored to their requirements for fire safety.

Assembly (Bar/Restaurant) FSMI Checklist 2024

Residential Multi-Unit FSMI Checklist 2024

Business/Personal Service FSMI Checklist 2024

Mercantile FSMI Checklist 2024

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