Comfort Centres

Click here for information about comfort centres that have been opened in the Halifax region to support those impacted by Hurricane Fiona.   

Following the activation for any municipal emergency management plan:

Under the municipal emergency plan (MEP), in conditions that don’t require an evacuation, during an emergency the municipality may establish or support community comfort centers whereby a resident population may visit to receive essential needs like meals, hygiene facilities, electronic device charging capabilities. All comfort centres will be located out of the affected zones.

During the winter season, when comfort centres are stood up, details are provided at

Residents can also access the latest information about the status of comfort centres by following @hfxgov and @hfxmoments or by calling 311

We are currently recruiting JEM teams for the urban parts of our municipality. Please call 902-490-4213 for more information on how you can help open up a comfort centre.

In addition to providing transportation to comfort centres, when needed, the municipality will also support the province by providing access to municipal facilities for use as reception centres and temporary emergency shelters. The provision of humanitarian services is a provincial Department of Community Services responsibility. Generally, the Department of Community Services will designate the operation of reception centres and shelters to the Canadian Red Cross.

Under the emergency management act 12,(f) upon the state of local emergency being declared in respect to the province or an area thereof, the province may cause or order the evacuation of persons and the removal of livestock and personal property threatened by an emergency and make arrangements for the adequate care and protection thereof, shelters will be the responsibility of the province.

An evacuation shelter is a type of emergency facility where evacuees are received, documented, personal needs are identified, and overnight shelter is provided.  In the municipality, evacuation centres are operated by the Canadian Red Cross, under the direction of the provincial Department of Community Services. (MEP).

Important: If you are trapped or injured call 911.

If you have been affected by a personal disaster and require assistance, contact the Red Cross: 1-800-222-9597.