New Fire Station 62

New Fire Station 62

Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency is pleased to announce that the construction of Station 62 is now complete.

The new facility will provide a safe, productive and effective work site for firefighting crews. During the design process, numerous stakeholder sessions were completed to help build a station that would reflect our values and support an inclusive environment, such as gender-inclusive living quarters, washrooms and showers. We are excited to incorporate many best-practice features to improve emergency response times for career and volunteer firefighters, reduce injuries and create a healthy workspace for career and volunteer firefighters. 

Additionally, Station 62 is built to ensure HRFE can continue to provide emergency service during severe weather events. It will also be a valuable resource to residents living in the Williamswood/Harrietsfield and Spryfield communities. Local groups will be able to use the gender-inclusive community space equipped with universal washrooms. It can be used as a comfort centre during emergencies by providing an area for safe refuge.

Station 62 includes a new community and training room. Not only will HRFE crews use this room for our regular training, but the community can also book it for events and meetings.  The room is designed to serve as an emergency comfort centre that can be available 24 hours a day during an emergency and provide a climate-controlled environment and gender-neutral washrooms and self-sufficient emergency backup power supply.

We’re proud that Station 62 meets the HalifACT net zero carbon targets and environmental efficiencies. The building has also been hardened to remain in service with no disruptions during extreme weather events and has fire protection systems throughout the station. 

We’re pleased to share this impressive new facility, one that will serve both HRFE and residents for many years to come as a vital part of the community. Please check out the slideshow below that shows the building construction's evolution, including some photos of our small ribbon-cutting ceremony and traditional “push-in” of the fire truck.