Halifax Regional Police Mounted Unit

The Halifax Regional Police Mounted Unit consists of two horses and two officers. They work together year-round to patrol neighbourhoods and areas across the municipality and assist with calls for service. They also act as ambassadors for Halifax Regional Police, attending community events throughout the year.  

Where can I see the police horses?

The best way to see the Halifax Regional Police horses is to attend the community events they participate in. The events change from year to year, but you can always see the horses at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Natal Day Parade, Holiday Parade of Lights and the Spryfield Santa Claus Parade.  The Mounted Unit patrols neighbourhoods and areas across the municipality too so, you may catch a surprise sighting any time of the year.  

Follow the Mounted Unit on Twitter to learn more about its activities.  

History of the Halifax Regional Police Mounted Unit 

Halifax Police established a mounted unit in 1869, but it was abolished soon after. In 1903, the Chief of Police considered a new mounted unit, but decided against it in favour or hiring more men.  

The Halifax Police Mounted Unit was re-established in 1905. At the height of its popularity in the early 1950s, the Halifax Police Mounted Unit had about 15 members. 

The Dartmouth Police established its mounted unit in 1925.