Major unsolved cases in the Halifax region

Major Unsolved Cases

Name of victim or missing person Incident Date Incident type
Adams, Leon Anthony 22-May-05 Homicide
Alquiros, John Francis 19-Apr-02 Homicide
Baker, Daniel 12-Dec-97 Missing Person
Bourgeois, Glenn Brian 21-Jul-07 Homicide
Boutilier, Newton Harold 07-Jan-68 Homicide
Boyko, David Robert 12-May-96 Homicide
Brooks, Tanya Jean 11-May-09 Homicide
Brushett, Gregory Samuel 10-Apr-99 Missing Person
Carvery, Jaurmar 03-May-08 Homicide
Chase, Raymond Paul 13-May-99 Homicide
Connors, Shelley 29-May-93 Homicide
Cross, Laura Lee 14-Oct-02 Homicide
Cross, Nathan Ross 24-Apr-11 Homicide
DiBenedetto, Danny 08-Feb-05 Homicide
Downey, Daverico 23-Apr-16 Homicide
Downey, Donald Charles 30-Oct-88 Homicide
Dube, Suzanne Elizabeth 17-Nov-88 Homicide
Farren, Kevin Sean 09-Mar-12 Homicide
Ferneyhough, Darryl 25-May-01 Missing Person
Forbes, Bruce Andrew 16-Jul-02 Missing Person
Forgeron, Michael Edwin 09-Mar-07 Homicide
Griffin, Vincent Pius 30-Jun-81 Homicide
Hamm, Michael Leonard 28-Aug-85 Homicide
Hannan, David Joseph 09-Dec-06 Homicide
Hartrick, Margaret 10-Sep-98 Homicide
Henderson, Ronald Jack 05-Apr-86 Homicide
Izzard, Terrance Patrick 14-Nov-16 Homicide
Jack, Crystal Dawn 23-Jul-97 Homicide
Jollimore, Lori Katherine 27-Apr-17 Homicide
Katnick, Leslie Anne 04-Nov-91 Missing Person
Keating, Douglas 02-Sep-00 Homicide
Keeble, Florence Ann 30-Oct-76 Homicide
Kelly, Timothy John 12-Dec-09 Homicide
King, Andrea Lynn 01-Jan-92 Homicide
Knickle, Helen Diane 26-Jul-74 Homicide
Livingstone, Paul Reid 13-Aug-11 Homicide
Lowe, Derek Alan 28-Jan-88 Homicide
Lucas, Kimber Leanne 23-Nov-94 Homicide
Lyle, James Alexander "Sandy" 19-Feb-12 Homicide
MacCullough, Jason Allan 28-Aug-99 Homicide
MacDonald, William Allan 09-Jul-03 Homicide
MacKeigan, Ian 25-Oct-84 Missing Person
Marriott, Richard Joseph 20-Nov-98 Homicide
Marriott, Wayne Nicholas 20-Jun-06 Homicide
Masson, Ann 28-Mar-86 Homicide
McAndrew, Kimberley Ann 12-Aug-89 Missing Person
McLean, Arlene 08-Sep-99 Missing Person
McLean, Christine Marjorie 14-Apr-98 Homicide
Murphy, Corey 02-Mar-04 Homicide
Myra, Jean Hilda 05-Apr-90 Homicide
Nawabi, Sardar Ajmeer 17-Sep-17 Homicide
Nehiley, Ryan 23-Nov-18 Homicide
Newcombe, John Fulton 01-Jun-12 Homicide
Newman, Daniel Martin 31-May-08 Homicide
Oliver, Tyrone Layton 20-Jul-00 Homicide
Parks, Judy Geraldine 11-Jul-76 Homicide
Peters, Raymond Floyd 07-Jan-13 Homicide
Petrie, Kevin James 28-Mar-04 Homicide
Peverill, Michael Joseph 19-Jan-99 Homicide
Purcell, Leonette 16-Dec-04 Missing Person
Reader, Jonathan 07-Aug-05 Homicide
Resk, Michael Leo 09-Dec-55 Homicide
Siddle, Shane 12-Dec-94 Homicide
Snelgrove, Donald David 21-Aug-00 Homicide
Sparks, Josiah Kaelin 14-Sep-17 Homicide
Stevenson, Donald Jermaine 16-Oct-10 Homicide
Stone, Gail 20-Nov-98 Homicide
Strickland, Carla Gail 03-Jun-91 Homicide
Tsou, Shenchiu (Andy) 26-Jun-05 Missing Person
Valade, Rachelle 03-Dec-08 Fatal Hit and Run
Walker, Rickey 01-Sep-16 Homicide
Wright, Jerell Aaron 13-May-09 Homicide
Wyatt, Jamie Morey 16-Nov-96 Missing Person