An AMBER Alert is an urgent appeal public notification that a child or vulnerable person has been abducted.

When an AMBER Alert is activated in Nova Scotia, information will be shared through various avenues including television, radio, newspaper, and social media. This information-sharing will occur various times until the alert is cancelled, either because the investigation is been successful or when because law enforcement no longer considers the alert effective.

What should I do when an AMBER Alert is issued?

  • Share the AMBER Alert with as many people as possible. If a child or vulnerable person is abducted, spreading the information quickly is critical to their safe return.  
  • Keep an eye out for the child, vulnerable person, suspect and/or the vehicle described in the alert. If you spot them, try to gather as much details as you can, including the specific location where you saw them, the time, the direction they were travelling in and another other identifying details that will help to locate them.
  • Call 911 or the phone number included in the alert immediately if you have a tip or a sighting related to an AMBER Alert.
  • Do not call 911 to request information about the abduction.

When is an AMBER Alert be activated?

An AMBER Alert will only be activated if:

  • police have confirmed that an abduction has taken place; and
  • the victim is a child, or a person of proven physical or mental disability; and
  • there is reason to believe the victim is in danger of serious physical injury; and
  • there is information available that, if broadcasted to the public, could assist in the safe recovery of the victim

An AMBER Alert should not be activated if all of the above criteria are not met. It is important to remember that an AMBER Alerts is not always appropriate in every circumstance, and that their continued effectiveness depends on ensuring that they are only used in cases that meet the above criteria.

AMBER Alert guidelines

  • an AMBER Alert may only be activated by the investigating police agencies
  • an AMBER Alert is intended only for the most serious, time-critical abduction cases
  • an AMBER Alert is not used for cases involving runaways or parental abduction, except in life-threatening situations 
  • a public notification will be issued and posted on the Amber Alert Nova Scotia Facebook page when an alert is cancelled.

Stay informed about AMBER Alerts

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