Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

How can I join the Crime Free Multi-Housing (CFMH) program? 

The first step to joining the program is for you, as an apartment building owner or manager, to attend a training session. Email Cst. Nancy Miller to find out when the next session will be held. The cost of the training session is $85, which includes the training materials.

If you are a tenant, you can encourage your property owner or manager to have your building CFMH certified.

What does the CFMH program do?

The CFMH program helps apartment owners and managers, together with residents and police, to keep illegal and nuisance activity off rental properties. Read the CFMH brochure to learn more about the program and how to join.

Why should I join the CFMH program?

The CFMH program benefits apartment owners and managers, residents and police.

Apartment owners and managers:

  • increase in demand for rental suites
  • increase in longer term rentals
  • lower maintenance and repair costs resulting in improved property values


  • safer and more pleasant place to live
  • promotes a community environment
  • fosters a sense of personal pride and ownership


  • reduction in criminal and nuisance-related calls to apartment communities
  • increased communication between police and apartment owners
  • opportunity to work together on crime reduction and prevention strategies

How does the CFMH program work?

The CFMH program includes three phases.

Phase one

Apartment building owners or managers attend a one day seminar that teaches:

  • crime prevention concepts
  • preparing and maintaining the property
  • applicant screening
  • working together with police
  • Residential Tenancy Act
  • combating illegal activities

Phase two
A police representative will conduct a security evaluation of the property and make recommendations to address crime prevention concerns such as:

  • door strike plates and eye viewers
  • secondary locks
  • trees and shrubs
  • lighting
  • graffiti
  • property maintenance

Phase three 
The owner or manager will host a safety social for their residents to involve them in preventing crime on the property and engaging with their community.

When owners or managers have completed the three phases, they earn the privilege of posting signs stating they have joined the CFMH program and may use the CFMH logo for marketing purposes.

Certified CFMH properties

  • Almon Place
    5534 Almon Street
    Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • 21 Parkland Drive 
    Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • John Hugh MacKenzie Housing Co-operative
    5293 Green Street
    Halifax, Nova Scotia