Education campaigns to help end violence against women 

Start By Believing 2017 

Halifax Regional Police partnered with Avalon Sexual Assault Centre to encourage everyone in our community to take part in the #STARTBYBELIEVING campaign, which launched on April 5, 2017 as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Reporting a sexual assault to anyone, let alone police, can be difficult. It’s common for victims to fear that they won’t be believed or taken seriously and that they’ll be made to feel ashamed. By taking the pledge, Halifax Regional Police employees commit to continuing to provide a safe, non-judgemental environment where victims of sexualized violence are listened to and supported so they can make informed decisions and access services and supports.  listened to and supported so they can make informed decisions and access services and supports.  

It’s never too late to take the #STARTBYBELIEVING pledge.  

Here’s how: 

Visit Start by Believing to read all about the campaign and download the pledge or print the pledge form from the pdf below. 

Your support helps to send a unified and meaningful message for survivors of sexual assault: we hear you and we’re here to help. 

Be more than a bystander - Video campaign 2012 and 2014 

This campaign was originally launched in May 2012 and re-launched in April 2014. It aims to empower each of us to be more than a bystander; to create a culture that stands up against abusive attitudes and behaviours directed towards women early on, before they’ve had the chance to escalate to violence.

“Be More Than a Bystander” is used with the permission of the Ending Violence Association of British Columbia. 

Don’t be that guy 

The “Don't be that guy” campaigns, originally created by Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton (SAVE), targets potential offenders—the people who ultimately hold the power and responsibility to end sexual assault. 

The posters are provocative and may be triggering/offensive for some people. The messages and graphics are designed to be hard-hitting to reach people and leave a lasting impression. 

Please feel free to download printable pdfs of the posters. 

Poster 1 – Just because you help her home doesn’t mean you get to help yourself [PDF]

Poster 2 – Just because she’s drunk doesn’t mean she wants to f**k [PDF]

Poster 3 – Just because she isn’t saying no doesn’t mean she’s saying yes [PDF]

Poster 4 – It’s not sex when he changes his mind [PDF]

Poster 5 – It’s not sex when she doesn’t want it [PDF]

Poster 6 – It’s not sex when she’s passed out [PDF]

Poster 7 – It’s not sex when she’s wasted [PDF]

This campaign was originally created by SAVE (Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton) and first used by the Edmonton Police Service and partners.