Sports Equipment in right of way

Sports Equipment such as hockey nets left on the road and basketball nets overhanging the roadway when not in use, prevents municipal staff from effectively delivering essential services such as snow removal, street sweeping, storm drain clearing and solid waste collections.

Sports equipment left in the public right of way can be damaged by vehicles such as emergency response crews trying to maneuver around them.

The Municipality requests when Sports Equipment is not in use, to move them from the public right of way in a manner that essential services can be provided.

Sports Equipment within the Right of Way, as per The Municipal Streets By-Law S-300, Dirt and Other Nuisances, Section 43; No person shall place, permit to be placed, or permit to escape from an abutting property dirt, dust, or other nuisance onto the street surface. Sports equipment falls within the nuisance category of the bylaw.

Suitable versus non-suitable placement of sports equipment

Graphic of the “dos and don’ts” of sports equipment placement near the right of way

Simple “dos and don’ts” of sports equipment near the right-of-way

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Truck with snowplow attached, driving on residential road with a basketball net on the curb.

An example of suitable placement; allows for service truck to proceed.