Building Maintenance Services

This service is for non-urgent Building Maintenance issues only and is monitored Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. 

For Building Maintenance Emergencies please submit as follows:

  • Monday to Friday 8 am to 4 pm: call BMS (902) 490-4580 
  • Evenings, weekends & holidays: call 311


Cleaning Services

Submit a request for cleaning, washroom restocking, odors, and garbage removal.

Corporate Accommodations

Submit a request for spaces for new hires, staff moves, and new space requirements.

Security Maintenance

Submit a request for intrusion alarms, locksmithing, swipe card doors, auto gates, security cameras, and open a door or gate remotely.

Safety Equipment Maintenance

Submit a request for emergency lighting or signs, fire alarms, gas monitoring detection, medical safety equipment, ohs repairs, and sprinkler and fire suppression systems.

Interior Maintenance

Submit a request for interior doors, flooring, elevators, lifts, escalators, repairs, new or replacement keys, and other building maintenance concerns.

Exterior Maintenance

Submit a request for structural concerns, roof issues, exterior doors, snow removal, parking lot issues, exterior lighting, and garbage removal.

Plumbing & Electrical Maintenance

Submit a request for electrical, plumbing, and lightbulb replacements.

Heating & Cooling Maintenance

Submit a request for heat and air conditioning issues.