Report on damaged headstones, fallen over headstones, grave depressions, or general cemetery inquiries. HRM Owned cemeteries only.
Report issues on deceased animals or marine life on HRM Property, including parks, playgrounds, and fields.
Report active incidents of flooding; catch basins, water running into the street, culverts and ditches.
Report anything impeding the flow of traffic or pedestrians such as MVA debris (including fluids from the vehicle), garbage bags, temporary signs, shopping carts.
Report a pothole or sinkhole on a municipal street or sidewalk. If you are reporting potholes on a 100 series highway, please contact NSTAT at
Requests for maintenance of road shoulders (pothole, washouts, cracking)
Requests for new ROW Benches or Bench Repairs.
Report issues about activity in the ROW or roadside memorials. Report general ROW inquiries regarding obstructions or placement of containers/excavation equipment.
Report damage to HRM Property such as vehicles, buildings, sidewalks, curbs, grass, trees, shrubs, gardens, etc.
Request work pertaining to tree pruning, tree removal, tree planting, and stump removal, and/or report tree vandalism (illegal cuts or pruning).
Requests for maintenance of sidewalks, pedestrian ramps at intersections/crosswalks, tactile plates, street to street walkways, marked crosswalks or stairs.