Street Maintenance, Parking, and Traffic

Report issues on deceased animals or marine life on HRM Property, including parks, playgrounds, and fields.
Report active incidents of flooding; catch basins, water running into the street, culverts and ditches.
Requests for pruning and maintenance of foliage, vegetation, shrubs, flower beds, hanging baskets. Examples include weeds in shrub beds, rodent holes, etc.
Report anything impeding the flow of traffic or pedestrians such as MVA debris (including fluids from the vehicle), garbage bags, temporary signs, shopping carts.
The Roadside Memorials Administrative Order requires the person who places a roadside memorial to submit their contact information to the Municipality.
Request for new ROW/Traffic signs, damage to signs, missing signs, sign maintenance, change or removal of traffic signs.
Requests for street sweeping outside of regularly scheduled weekly sweeping (during warmer months).
General inquiries or requests related to traffic. Examples include crosswalks, crosswalk signals/signs, road design, traffic calming, traffic speeds, etc.
Maintenance or repair of traffic signals. This includes flashing lights, stuck lights, lights out, audible crosswalk signal chirping, snow covered traffic heads, etc.
Report on vegetation causing line of site issues, or vegetation in the right-of-way impeding the flow of traffic or pedestrians.