Invasive species in the Halifax Region

What is an invasive species?

An invasive species [PDF] is any non-native species (seeds, eggs, spores, or other propagules) whose introduction causes—or is likely to cause—harm to the environment, the economy, or human health.

The term “invasive” is used for the most aggressive species. These species grow and reproduce rapidly, potentially causing major disturbances. Many invasive species are introduced to an area by accident (although many species have been deliberately introduced).

In Halifax, the municipal government is responsible for removing invasive species from its own properties. All invasive species, including ones growing on your property or other private property, are dealt with by the province.

How do I learn more about Invasive species?

Refer to the Invasive Alien Species in Nova Scotia Identification and Information Guide [PDF] for key identification features for invasive species in the province, and to find information about invasive species in the region.