Picking Up After Your Dog

A boxer sits on a sofa and looks at the camera.

Our Canine of the Month for November is Chili!

Canine of the Month Club!

Meet our Canine for November - Chili!

Pet's name: Chili
Boxer Mix
Age: 4 years old 
Favourite Food: Fish

Chili says: "I love to drink out of lakes, and my favourite food is fish, so it's doubly important to me that we keep our lakes clean"

If you would like to participate in Canine of the Month, please send us a photo of your dog in or near water. Your dog's name, breed, age, favourite food, what your dog likes about our lakes, and why it's important to clean up after your dog. Please contact us at water@halifax.ca

Why should I pick up after my dog?

Animal waste contains bacteria and parasites, such as, E. coli, giardia and salmonella. Waste washes from private property and our streets and parks into our waterways, which pollutes our watershed. This poses a health risk to both humans and other animals. High bacteria levels in the water not only pollute our watersheds, but can lead to beach closures throughout the summer.  Whether at home or on a quick walk around the neighbourhood, it's important to continue to pick up your dog’s waste.  Waste that is not picked up can wash into storm pipes and pollute local waterways. Thanks for your efforts to keep our water clean.

What can I do and how?

  • Remember to bring plastic bags with you when you walk your dog to dispose of the waste properly in garbage cans.
  • Animal waste is toxic, the bags are disposed of as garbage, no other circumstances. They are not organics or fertilizer and pet waste does not go into the green cart.
  • Do not use bags marketed as biodegradable or compostable. These types of bags are never accepted at municipal compost facilities and must go into the garbage. 
  • Keep your pets on a leash near waterways and sensitive areas.
  • Spread the message to other dog owners.
  • On the go? Tie a pet-waste bag to your dog’s leash.

What is Halifax doing to protect lake health?

We have introduced Canines for Clean Water, an education campaign which focuses on maintaining safe water quality levels at Lake Banook and Lake MicMac.  A pollution control study has identified areas of Lake Banook and Lake MicMac having high levels of canine E.coli.  The Canines for Clean Water campaign was launched on August 1oth, 2019 at the Loonie Carnival at Graham's Cove.  Join other owners pledging to keep our lakes clean and use dog bags!

Did you know?

Dog bag dispensers are available at Lake MicMac and we encourage pet owners to use these dispensers if they forget their own bags. Lake MicMac provides plastic bags and accessible garbage cans to ensure convenience. The plastic bags contain recycled plastic material to help reduce plastic waste and close the loop.

Canines for Clean Water

We want dogs across the municipality to become canines for clean water! Sign up for our clean water pledge* online.  

*Please note, the pledge is a fillable PDF but has to be saved first.

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