Nature and Biodiversity

We’re so lucky to be surrounded by nature in the Halifax region, with forests, beaches, lakes, wetlands and barrens all around us. Keeping these ecosystems healthy is vital, as they provide us with clean water, store extra water during floods, clean our air and lower air temperatures. Healthy ecosystems also sequester carbon, which helps mitigate climate change. 

Climate change projections for our region show that we can expect weather that is wetter, wilder and warmer than ever. Understanding how nature can help us adapt to these changing conditions is essential for building resilient communities. What’s more, access to pristine natural areas contributes to the magic of the municipality and attracts visitors, locals and new residents alike. Ecosystem health is also essential for our non-human residents such as birds, insects, mammals and plants. The biodiversity of our region depends on availability of healthy and diverse habitat.

Here are some ways we're working to protect and understand nature in the Halifax Regional Municipality: