Cases 24284 and 24282 | Port Wallace & Southdale Special Planning Areas


July 4, 2022


TAKE NOTICE THAT The Executive Panel on Housing in the Halifax Regional Municipality did, on Wednesday, June 16, 2022 recommend approval the following application:

Application by Clayton Developments to amend the Regional Plan, the Land Use By-law for Dartmouth, and development agreement to enable tree removal and earthworks within the Port Wallace Special Planning Area in advance of a subsequent Development Agreement being applied to these properties enabling their full development into a residential community.

The planning documents have been reviewed and approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing as per Bill No. 63 - Housing in the Halifax Regional Municipality Act and the required notice placed in the newspaper circulating in the Municipality on July 2, 2022. The development agreement is in effect once it is filed at the Nova Scotia Registry of Deeds.


Applications by Clayton Developments Limited for amendments to the Regional Municipal Planning Strategy and two Development Agreements to allow early tree removal and earthworks for the Southdale / Mount Hope Special Planning Area (PIDs 41280546 and 41362161) as well as the Port Wallace Special Planning Area (PIDs 00249672, 00268599, 00258228, 40686966).


The Port Wallace and Southdale planning areas are currently undertaking separate planning application processes which would create policies and apply Development Agreements to these respective future communities. Work continues on both of these applications, and they are expected to be finalized in the coming months. Current policies stipulate that a Development Agreement is required to be applied to these properties in advance of any site work taking place inclusive of earth works, land grading, and tree removal.

To this end, Clayton Developments are requesting an amendment to the Regional Plan and Development Agreements to enable early tree removal and mass works consideration for the first phases of the special planning areas (SPA) for Port Wallace and Southdale. The Regional Plan amendment would also have the effect of creating a clear policy pathway for future development agreements within special planning areas should they be necessary in the future. Since any solution regarding low housing supply in the municipality will not be fully resolved in the 2022 construction season, this flexibility would be beneficial to expedite housing development. 

This Regional Plan amendment and these Development Agreements would not enable the full development of these communities and would only permit early construction activities as outlined above. The full development plan for these communities will be decided upon via the Development Agreement processes outlined at the following links for Port Wallace and Southdale respectively. 


In accordance with the Housing for the Halifax Regional Municipality Act and the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing for the Province of Nova Scotia, both Southdale/Mount Hope as well as Port Wallace have been designated as a Special Planning Area. In accordance with this new Provincial Act, planning decisions for these areas inclusive of changes to policy, zones, or the application of Development Agreements to these lands will no longer be considered via the Public Hearing process and a Council decision. Instead, applications will be seen by the newly established Executive Panel on Housing in the Halifax Regional Municipality and decided upon by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Once made, this decision will then be posted to this website. 

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