Councillor Paul Russell

Paul has been a long time resident of Sackville. He has been giving back to his community, in both his personal life and his professional life, for over 30 years. Some of his community work involves being an elected member of the Halifax Regional School Board, managing all of the parades in Sackville for a number of years, and being the volunteer of the year for Sackville. He recognizes the value of volunteering and has given of his time freely.

With the election in fall 2019, he has combined his professional life with his community work and is working with others to help make Sackville an even better place to live. This is best expressed in his core values which are Community, Professionalism, and Collaboration.

Paul has three children and one grandchild and, in 2021, plans to marry his long time partner Donna. Paul and Donna recognize the importance of a strong family, a strong community, and a strong value system.

His website is

Councillor Russell is a member of the following Boards and Committee:

  • Audit & Finance Standing Committee, Chair
  • Executive Standing Committee
  • Transportation Standing Committee
  • North West Community Council, Chair
  • Special Events Advisory Committee, Chair
  • Halifax Partnership
  • Canadian Urban Transit Association