District 9 has a population of approximately 26,500 people and is made up of a mix of urban and suburban dwellers in the communities of Armdale, Ardmore, Armview, Bayers and Westwood, Chocoloate Lake, Cowie Hill, Flinn Park, Springvale and Fairmount, Jollimore, Kline Heights, Melville Cove, Quinpool, Westmount, and Williams Lake.

A large portion of the district hugs the Northwest Arm, a historic inlet that is part of Halifax Harbour and which defines the Western side of the Halifax peninsula. The Arm is approximately 3.5 km in length and was first called the “Waygwalteech”, translated to “salt water all the way up”, by the Mi’kmaq people who originally occupied the lands surrounding the arm. Today, much of the shoreline of the Northwest Arm is fronted by private residences and several parks and there are many key public access points for the public to enjoy the Arm and all its beauty. 

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