Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP) elections

To vote in school board elections, residents of the Halifax Regional Municipality must meet the basic voter qualifications and be an “Entitled Parent” or “Entitled Person” as defined by the Education Act [PDF] of Nova Scotia:

  • “Entitled Parent” means a parent who is a citizen of Canada;
  • whose first language learned and still understood is French;
  • who received their primary school instruction in Canada in a French-first-language program; or
  • of whom any child has received or is receiving primary or secondary school instruction in Canada in a French-first-language program.
  • an “Entitled Person” means an entitled parent or person who, not being an entitled parent, would be an entitled parent if the person were a parent.

You must confirm your status as an Entitled Parent or Entitled Person by requesting a ballot for the election of the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial.

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