Fire Safety Plans

As the owner of a multi-unit rental property or business, you must have a fire safety plan, and that plan must be prepared in cooperation with by Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency and any other applicable regulatory agencies.

A fire safety plan also helps your building effectively utilize fire safety systems and equipment and establishes a protocol to protect people from fire.

How to file a fire safety plan

Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency has prepared five fire plan templates you can use in preparing your fire plans. Choose one of the templates and provide all requested information, then scan and email it to

In some instances you may be asked to submit accompanying drawings.

These plans should be submitted by the building owner or employer.

Templates for fire plans

The attached PDFs are not currently fillable. When opened in Adobe, on the left hand side there will be an attached word document that can be used to modify the document to suit your building(s).

  1. Fire Safety Plan Guideline Book
  2. No Fire Alarm System
  3. Small Apartment Building/Single Stage Fire Alarm System
  4. Two Stage Fire Alarm System
  5. Single Stage Fire Alarm System
  6. Single or Two Stage Fire Alarm System - High Buildings
  7. Schematic Icons
  8. Appendix for Tenants

Submission of drawings

Some buildings (such as "high buildings") may require the services of a professional consultant to assist in the development of a fire safety plan due to the complexity of the occupancy. You can send these with your plan to

Alternatively you can fax the drawing to 902.490.5228 or mail them to Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency. 

Guidelines for fire safety plans in the National Fire Code of Canada

The National Fire Code of Canada requires the implementation of a fire safety plan for most buildings and occupancies. What follows is an extract of the National Fire Code that pertains to fire plans.

NFC Division B Section 2.8. Emergency Planning

2.8.1. General Application

Fire emergency procedures conforming to this Section shall be provided for

   a.   every building containing an assembly or a care or detention occupancy,

   b.   every building required by the NBC to have a fire alarm system,

   c.   demolition and construction sites regulated under Section 5.6.,

   d.   storage areas required to have a fire safety plan in conformance with Articles and,

   e.   areas where flammable liquids or combustible liquids are stored or handled, in conformance with Article, and

   f.   areas where hazardous processes or operations occur, in conformance with Article


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