Teaching kids about stranger danger

Tips for kids

  • if you’re grabbed by a stranger, YELL, kick, drop and roll, run away.
  • Yell:
    • Stranger, Stranger, Stranger!
    • Fire, Fire, Fire!
    • Help, Help, Help!
    • This is not my mother or father!
  • if you feel scared or uncomfortable around a stranger, run away and tell an adult you trust, such as a parent, guardian or teacher
  • if you're approached by a strange car, don't go within arm's reach. Run away and tell an adult you trust about the car and the person or people in it
  • walk to and from school with a friend.  Walk in well-lit areas
  • if you're not home, make sure an adult you trust knows where you are and what time you’ll be home
  • if you’re home alone, never open the door for someone you don’t know
  • never go into the home of someone you don't know

Tips for parents and guardians

  • share tips with your kids
  • make a plan with your child about what to do if they get lost. Pre-arrange a meeting place.
  • don't allow your child to go into a public washroom alone
  • reinforce that not all "bad" people look bad.  Very normal looking people can also be "bad people."
  • teach your child emergency numbers as well as your cell and work numbers and addresses
  • walk your neighbourhood with your child and learn their usual routes. Point out potential hazards and explain the dangers.
  • know where your child is and what time they will be home
  • keep a list of your child’s friends' phone numbers and addresses