How Victim Services helps you 

If you have been the victim of crime, call Halifax Regional Police’s Victim Services Unit at 902.490.5300, Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., to get help.  

Victim Services specializes in supporting victims of domestic violence, sexualized violence, and serious crimes. Victim Services staff screen and review all intimate partner/spousal calls to police.  

Additionally, victims have access to:  

  • emotional support 
  • domestic violence emergency response system alarms 
  • safety planning 
  • referrals  

You can access these programs via telephone, drop-in visits, at the scene, and during home visits.

On-scene support 

The unit provides crisis intervention and support to victims at a scene at the request of police officers. Staff attend scenes during weekdays at the request of officers and trained volunteers are on-call for evenings, nights, and weekends.  

High-risk case coordination  

The unit can help you by coordinating with primary service providers, creating a safety plan, arranging for installation of a domestic violence emergency response system or alarm (for victims identified as being high risk for serious harm or injury).  

Follow-up information and referral service 

After a crime, you can rely on the Victim Services Unit to:  

  • provide case information, such as the status of investigation, charges, how to contact the investigating officer 
  • offer emotional support or services as needed 
  • provide information about or offer referrals to existing community services that may be able to help you further 
  • assist with more safety planning 

Proactive work and outreach 

In addition to its on-scene and follow-up work, Victim Services provides education, both to the public and police officers, on domestic and sexualized violence.

Additionally, it proactively tries to connect with victims in the Halifax region through openness and collaboration.

Victims connect with victim services in any of the following ways:  

  • Victims can initiate contact (call us at 902.490.5300).  
  • Police officers can refer victims to the program. 
  • Community agencies may alert victims to our services. 
  • Victim Services Staff can identify victims by reading police reports. Staff screen reports that meet certain criteria, or if they feel a victim can benefit from some type of service may reach out.