What is a Civic Address and how do I get one?

What is a Civic Address?

A civic address consists of 4 components: Civic Number, Street Name, Street Type and Community Name

For example : 12 / Smith / Street / Halifax

Why do I need a Civic Address ?

Civic Addresses are important for the delivery of many services including:

  • 911 Emergency Service
  • Mail Delivery
  • Municipal Permitting
  • Utility Connections such as Telephone, Electricity and Water Services
  • Personal Delivery Services
  • Government Programs and Services

How do I get a Civic Address?

Contact Municipal Services and Information toll-free:

Phone: 311 (from anywhere within the Halifax region) or 1 (800) 835-6428 (outside of the municipal boundary but within Nova Scotia)

Contact Civic Addressing:

E-mail:  contactus@311.halifax.ca

(email inquiries will only be answered electronically to the email address you provide. E-mail inquiries are answered from 8:30AM to 4:30PM, Monday to Friday, in the order in which they are received)

Mail:  Civic Addressing, P.O. Box 1749, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3A5

In Person: 5251 Duke Street, Suite 300, Halifax, Nova Scotia

What will I need?

When requesting a civic address having any of the following information is helpful:

  •  Lot Number
  •  Property Identifier (PID) or assessment account number
  •  Street Name and Community Name
  •  A site plan of the property showing building location and/or access
  •  Neighbouring civic numbers