Commemorative naming

Available Commemorative Names

Name Biography Location Asset Type Reserved Approval Date
Agnes Dennis Halifax Herald publisher, advocate for women's rights Dartmouth: Burnside Phase 13 Street No 23-Jul-13
Aileen Meagher Athlete, Sports Hall of Fame Dartmouth: Burnside Phase 13 Street Yes 23-Jul-13
Alvina Mae Perrier Recognized for excellence in community service and work with L'Arche Movement Downtown Halifax Street No 2-Dec-14
Andrew W. Robb First Chairman of the Bedford Ratepayers Association in 1921, senior manager at Halifax Herald and involved with YMCA Bedford Street No 21-Jun-11
Archie Fader Former Halifax County Councillor, recipient of the Queens Jubilee Medal for community service. Advocate for recycling programs in HRM. Lower Sackville Street or Building No 21-Jun-11
Basil Landry The only Halifax Fire Fighter to recieved the Medal of Bravery Halifax: Briarwood Subdivision Street Yes 2-Dec-14
Bessie Egan 1st female police officer in Halifax Bedford: Parks at West Bedford Street Yes 23-Jul-13
Brian Warshick Former Municipal Councillor and Community Volunteer Dartmouth Park No 18-Jul-17
Captain Edward How Owner of the first land grant in the area of Admiral's Rock Bedford Street No 21-Jun-11
Carroll Morgan Sports Hall of Fame Boxer and Volunteer Urban Core Street No 16-Jul-19
Charles C. Blackadar Publisher and editor of the Acadian Recorder Bedford Street No 21-Jun-11
Charles Pender Organized the Pender Bus Lines Bedford Street No 21-Jun-11
Clyde Fletcher Pivotal role in Bedford schools from 1942-1967 Bedford: Parks at West Bedford Street Yes 21-Jun-11
Constable Charles R Fulton Halifax Police officer killed in the Line of Duty Halifax: Briarwood Subdivision Street Yes 2-Dec-14
Darius Pace Resident later 1700s; gave the name Trafalgar Hill to Admiral Rock and Dartmouth Road Hill Bedford Street No 21-Jun-11
Dr. Eddy Ennis Key supporters of the Bedford Tennis Club (c. 1990). He donated the land now used by BBYC. Bedford Street No 21-Jun-11
Dr. Marial T Mosher Dancer, women's educator Any Location Any Asset No 23-Jul-13
Dugger McNeil Douglas McNeil was an MLA and an inductee of the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame Halifax Street No 8-Dec-15
Edith Archibald VP of NS Red Cross During WWI Bedford: Parks at West Bedford Street Yes 23-Jul-13
Eight Mile Inn Old inn in the area of Glenmont Avenue Bedford Street No 21-Jun-11
Frances Fish First female lawyer admitted to the Bar of Nova Scotia Halifax Street of Building 25-Feb-20
Graham Downey First African Nova Scotian Municipal Coucillor and Councillor for Halifax Downtown Halifax Street or Park No 12-Dec-17
Grand Chief Gabriel Silliboy First Mi'kmaq elected as grand chief, first to fight for treaty recognition Penninsula Halifax Park No 8-May-18
Granny Ross 17th century pioneer, herbalist Any Location Any Asset Yes 23-Jul-13
Harold J Shanks WWII Sergeant in the West Nova Scotia Regiment Dartmouth: Burnside Phase 13 Street Yes 21-Jun-11
Harrison Eisenhauer Forest Ranger killed in the line of duty Hammonds Plains Street No 2-Dec-14
Heroes Way Pay tribute to all men and women who lost their lives defending our country. Urban Core Street No 21-Jun-11
Isabel MacNeill Commanding Officer of the HMCS Comestoga, recipient of the Order of the British Empire Halifax: Briarwood Subdivision Street Yes 2-Dec-14
Isleview Name of the neighbourhood and the train stop in the area at the foot of Sullivan's Hill. Bedford Street No 21-Jun-11
Jack Innis Prominent Bedford family, Chickenburger owner Bedford Street No 21-Jun-11
James McGrath Early "Irishtown" settler Bedford Street No 21-Jun-11
Janet Kitz Halifax Explosion Historian - Order of NS Recipient Halifax Street, Park or Ferry No 26-Jan-21
John Gray Among the first to actively settle along the Bedford Highway Halifax: Princes Lodge Neighbourhood) Street No 21-Jun-11
Kate Mackintosh Noted Educator, Civic Organizer, Musician and Composer Dartmouth: Burnside Phase 13 Street Yes 23-Jul-13
Lamont Power Harbour Pilot during both World Wars. Invested as a Member of the British Empire. Dartmouth: Burnside Phase 13 Street Yes 14-Aug-12
Layton Reid Merchant Navy Veteran with Master Mariner Papers. Land Surveyor for Nova Scotia. Eastern Passage: Blue Ocean Estates Street Yes 14-Aug-12
Leonard Kitz First Jewish Mayor of Halifax (1955). Member of the National Arts Centre. Halifax Park No 14-Aug-12
Maj. Margaret C. Macdonald Military Nurse, Awarded Royal Red Cross Halifax: Briarwood Subdivision Street Yes 23-Jul-13
Margaret M Saunders Award winning author, Commander of the British Empire Dartmouth: Burnside Phase 13 Street Yes 23-Jul-13
Margaret Meagher Order of Canada, Dept of External Affairs Any Location Any Asset Yes 23-Jul-13
Marie M. Rose Key figure in the initial phase of freeing black slaves Any Location Any Asset Yes 23-Jul-13
Meagher Prominent Judge, knighted by the Pope for his services to his church Bedford Street No 21-Jun-11
Mel Boutilier Extraordinary Community Service Halifax Street No 27-Nov-18
Muriel Duckworth Peace Activist, recipient of the Order of Nova Scotia. Peninsula Halifax Street, Park or Building No 14-Aug-12
Pearleen Oliver Religious and human rights leader, author Bedford: Parks at West Bedford Street Yes 23-Jul-13
Peter Cox North America's First official full time Town Crier Halifax Downtown Park No 16-Jul-19
Piers Cove Original name for the mouth of Nine Mile River Bedford Street No 21-Jun-11
Port Wallace Geographic Place Name Dartmouth Street Yes 8-May-18
Proctor Reinstatement of historical street name Halifax - Cogswell Interchange Street Yes 18-Jul-17
Rear Admiral Leonard Murray Only Canadian officer to command an Allied operation in WWI or WWII Halifax Downtown Street or Park 16-Jul-19
Sir Frederick Fraser Blind from youth, advocate for better conditions for the blind. Founded a school and Knighted by the King. Bedford Street No 21-Jun-11
The Princess Louise Fusiliers Infantry battalion of the Canadian Army Primary Reserve with many battle honours Halifax Commons Area Park No 16-Jul-19
Viola Desmond Part of a movement to end segregation Bedford: Parks at West Bedford Street Yes 23-Jul-13
William Davey Early Settler and owner of Four Mile House Halifax Street Yes 16-Jul-19
William MacKenzie Town's stationmaster for over 50 years (c. 1800s) Bedford Street No 21-Jun-11
William Sabatier Third owner of Scot Manor House. Involved with Shubenacadie Canal. Bedford Street No 21-Jun-11
William White Only black Chaplain in the entire British Army during World War 1 Halifax Northend Street No 21-Jul-15
William Yeadon Gray Successful accountant and business man. Operated a hotel in Princes Lodge, carried on tradition of hosting picnics on his grounds. Urban Core Street or Park No 21-Jun-11
Willis The Willis family built the hotel later known as the Lewis house. Bedford Street No 21-Jun-11