Halifax Regional Police’s statement on a recent investigation



Today, Halifax Regional Police issued the following statement in relation to a recent investigation:

 “On December 2, 2020, after receiving a referral and information from a federal and US partner agency, HRP initiated an investigation into potential possession and distribution of child pornography in our jurisdiction. Information forwarded to HRP in the referral formed the basis for our Integrated Internet Child Exploitation team to obtain and execute a search warrant on December 2nd and make an arrest. Following an initial investigation, no charges were sworn to.

 On January 22, 2021, we were advised by one of the partner agencies that an error had occurred related to their initial identification, and that the referral to HRP was made in error. HRP confirms that there will be no charges laid in this case, and all related processes have been voided. HRP acted swiftly and in good faith as soon as the new information came to light. We recognize and regret the deeply negative impact of an unfortunate error of this nature. “