Police release first quarter crime stats



As a follow-up to last week Board of Police Commissioners' meeting, HRP and Halifax District RCMP are releasing the 2015 first quarter crime statistics. Overall, crime is down almost eight per cent when comparing the first quarter of 2015 to the same period in 2014.

Violent crime is up 11 per cent, including increases in assaults and robberies. Property crime is down over 21 per cent with decreases in all recorded offences.  

We are continuing to stay the course with our crime reduction strategy to address any violent crime. We will continue to focus on identifying areas with higher rates of crime (hot spots), deploying our Quick Response, Street Crime Units and Guns and Gangs Unit by targeting the criminal element and monitoring those who are on court imposed conditions. Officers will continue to be in close contact with the community in order to address crime as well as quality-of-life issues.

The 2015 first quarter stats are available at http://www.halifax.ca/police/documents/HRPRCMPCombinedCrimeStats20151stQtr150430.pdf