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Solar City Halifax

After a successful pilot project, Regional Council approved the continuation of the Solar City program for three years. The program will increase the opportunities for property owners to save money and reduce their environmental impact by offering property owners three solar technology options: Solar Photovoltaic (PV), Solar Hot Air and Solar Hot Water.

To be considered an eligible participant to register, you must be a property owner who is either the owner of a private property or a property owner who is incorporated as a co-op or not for profit.

Solar City Halifax Program

The Solar City program offers property owners an opportunity to install solar energy collectors on their property. See what the program is all about and if solar might work for you.


Interested in renewable energy? Want to determine if your property is suitable for solar? See the Property Owner Guide. Also see tips for selecting a contractor and installation professional. Are you a solar contractor? See the Solar Contractor Guide.


Get the answers to frequently asked questions such as "Who's eligible?," "How do I apply?", and "How much does it cost?".


With almost 400 participants installing a system, over 2500 homes expressing interest, and 800 people at public events, there was significant community participation and interest in the Solar City pilot program. Get background information on the pilot program.