Budget Direction

2024/25 Budget Direction

The Budget Direction is presented annually to Budget Committee with recommendations for tax and non-tax revenues to accommodate changing operational costs, capital investments, as well as debt and reserve changes. It is also reflective of on-going and emerging opportunities and challenges.

The Budget Direction sets the underlying assumptions that each business unit will build their proposed operating and capital budget on. 

On Nov. 28, 2023, the Budget Committee directing municipal staff to develop the 2024/25 Municipal Budget according to Regional Council’s approved priorities, with capital from operating funding capped at no more than $57.4 million.

Municipal staff will return to the Budget Committee on the following dates with budget updates and presentations:

  • Tuesday, Dec. 12 – Capital Update & Advanced Tenders Report 
  • Wednesday, Jan. 24 – Assessment Update & Capital Plan 
  • Wednesday, Jan. 31 to Friday, March 8 – Business Unit Presentations 
  • Tuesday, April 2 – Budget Adjustment List 
  • Tuesday, April 23 – Budget Approval