Cogswell District Project Overview

The Cogswell District is the biggest city-building project in the history of Halifax.

A new neighbourhood will soon be built – where the Cogswell Interchange now stands – designed to connect downtown with the north end and waterfront, creating a stronger, more inclusive network of communities.

Phase II of construction is now underway. See the latest project updates and read about the latest construction impacts. 

The Cogswell District project will convert 16 acres of road infrastructure into a mixed-use neighborhood, extending the entrance of the downtown northwards and reuniting communities separated by the interchange lands. The urban street grid will be reinstated and will create development blocks capable of supporting new residential and commercial environments for 2,500 people. High quality dedicated cycling lanes, multi-use trails, new parks and open spaces, a reimagined transit hub, and a significant central urban square will transform this traffic-centric area into a livable pedestrian friendly area for people to live, work, and play.

The completion of the Cogswell District project is expected to cost approximately $122.6 million (gross). This project has the potential to be primarily self-funded in the long term once construction is over and the redevelopment of the area is completed. The sale of land, utility cost sharing, and the subsequent property taxes will help off-set the front-end investment and generate long-term recurring revenue for the municipality. 

Notably, a district energy system based on ambient heat recovery from the Halifax Wastewater Treatment Plant will provide a green energy source for buildings constructed within the Cogswell District. Specific design elements to enhance overall accessibility have been incorporated within the District and will allow the project to meet gold level certification under the Rick Hansen Certification program.

The construction plan aligns with many of Council’s previously approved policy directives. Several features of the new Cogswell District represent the first implementation of many aspects of these policies – including the Halifax Economic Growth Plan 2016-2021, Integrated Mobility Plan, and Centre Plan.

Cogswell District mobile app

The Halifax Regional Municipality launched a mobile app in support of the Cogswell District project in November 2022.

With multiple roadways, ramps and key access points, the construction of the new Cogswell District is changing the way we navigate through downtown. While construction is underway, detours, closures and traffic delays are expected.

Key features of the Cogswell District mobile app:

  • optimizes your routing
  • reflects current closures
  • shares social media updates
  • hosts images of construction progress
  • includes an Open for Business section, which profiles businesses located in the Cogswell District and surrounding area
  • provides access to the latest information about the project

This free app provides users with the most effective directions to travel by various modes of transportation, (driving, cycling, walking, rolling and taking transit) through the Cogswell District while it is under construction. The app is integrated with Google Maps to reflect current road closures so users can plan their route in advance.

The municipality hosted an event marking the official launch of the Cogswell District project on November 2, 2021.

  • The press release is available here
  • Mayor Mike Savage's remarks are available here
Cogswell District Launch Event

Virtual tour of the future Cogswell District

Please note: This video depicts key elements of the proposed design for active transportation, parks and open spaces, an urban square, transit hub, as well as street layout and streetscape design components for the new Cogswell District. This rendition is conceptual in nature and subject to further refinements through the detailed design process.

To view the original Cogswell Lands Plan virtual tour click here.