About District 11

District 11 is made up of suburban residential neighborhoods, small coastal communities, and a growing urban mainstreet in the heart of Spryfield. The boundaries of the district encompass Spryfield, Sambro Loop, and Prospect Road from Goodwood to West Dover. The District population is approximately 26,000 residents, living within 30 officially recognized communities.  

Spryfield is the most densely populated and fastest growing area of the district, located just a few kilometres from Halifax City Centre. It is has a busy commercial district along Herring Cove Road and is surrounded by parks, lakes and wilderness areas including the Shaw Wilderness Park, Kidston Lake Park, McIntosh Run Regional Park, Long Lake Provincial Park, Herring Cove Look-off, York Redoubt, Graves-Oakley Memorial Park, Roaches Pond, Rockingstone Heights School Park and more. Spryfield also has a number of schools, including the exciting brand new JL Ilsley High School, and recreation facilities including the Captain William Spry Community Centre, the Spryfield Lions Rink and Rec Centre, and the new TARS Rugby Club. Founded in 1770 by Captain Spry, Spryfield is one of the fastest growing suburban centres in Halifax, with a long rich history and many newcomers. Supported by many local community organizations, like Chebucto Connections and the Spryfield Community Association, Spryfield is an amazing place to live in the Halifax Regional Municipality, with the convenience of living in close proximity to downtown and with easy access to natural lakes and wilderness areas. It's one of Halifax’s best kept secrets.    

Sambro Loop encompasses the Chebucto Peninsula, from Herring Cove to Sambro to Harrietsfield. It includes the communities of Portuguese Cove, Duncan’s Cove, Ketch Harbour, East and West Pennant, and Williamswood. These communities are served by active local community organizations like the Ketch Harbour Area Rate Association (KHARA) and the Sambro and Area Community Association (SACA).

The Halifax Regional Municipality provides several recreational opportunities in the area, including Herring Cove Jr High and William King School Parks, Portuguese Cove Park, Sambro Elementary School Park, Sambro Ball Field, Williamswood Recreation Park (and soon to be Pump Track!), and Harrietsfield Williamswood Community Centre. Crystal Crescent Beach, with its three white sand beaches, is one of the crown jewels of this area and the gateway to a 10.6 km roundtrip hike around Pennant Point.  

Prospect Road runs from Goodwood to West Dover, and includes the beautiful lake suburbs of Brookside, Hatchet Lake, White’s Lake and several small coastal villages including Terence Bay, Lower Prospect, Prospect Village, Shad Bay, Blind Bay, McGraths Cove, and East Dover. This community is served by the HRM owned/community run Prospect Road Recreation Centre, the Prospect Road Recreation Association which is funded through a local area rate, and great local community centres such as Terence Bay Community Hall, East Dover Community Hall, and White’s Lake Royal Canadian Legion. With breathtakingly beautiful natural areas like the Terence Bay Wilderness Park, High Head Trail, Peggy’s Cove Preservation Area and the Western Common, as well as thriving light industry, this area combines the best of live, work and play. 
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